Use following code to enumerate all appointments between two dates in Schedule control (applies to WinForms, WPF and Silverlight):


DateTime start = new DateTime(2014, 05, 07);
DateTime end = start.AddDays(10);
DateTime d = start;
while (d <= end)
    DevComponents.Schedule.Model.Day day = calendarView1.CalendarModel.GetDay(d);
    foreach (Appointment item in day.Appointments)
        Console.WriteLine("Appointment: {0}-{1} {2}", item.StartTime, item.EndTime, item.Subject);
    d = d.AddDays(1);


Dim startDate As New DateTime(2014, 5, 7)
Dim endDate As DateTime = startDate.AddDays(10)
Dim d As DateTime = start
While d <= endDate
	Dim day As DevComponents.Schedule.Model.Day = calendarView1.CalendarModel.GetDay(d)
	For Each item As Appointment In day.Appointments
		Console.WriteLine("Appointment: {0}-{1} {2}", item.StartTime, item.EndTime, item.Subject)
	d = d.AddDays(1)
End While

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