Applies to DotNetBar for Windows Forms 7.2 .NET Framework 2.0+ or later.

DotNetBar by default uses Graphics DrawString (GDI+) method for text rendering. .NET Framework 2.0 introduces the TextRenderer class as an alternative text rendering way that you might prefer over default GDI+ method.

To switch all DotNetBar text rendering to TextRenderer class set static BarUtilities.UseTextRenderer property to true. Note that due to the issues in TextRenderer methods when drawing the text on transparent surfaces, fade effect and other animations in DotNetBar controls will be disabled when TextRenderer is used.

If you are using GDI+ default rendering following static properties on BarUtilities can be used to customize it:

BarUtilities.UseGenericDefaultStringFormat – Uses GenericDefault StringFormat as base format for text rendering
BarUtilities.AntiAliasTextRenderingHint – Allows you to change the Graphics TextRenderingHint when AntiAlias property on controls is set to true.