Dockable Windows and Document Docking

Document Docking allows you to dock windows inside of the client area of the form. This is very similar to the code window docking that you can perform in VS.NET but with much greater flexibility provided by DotNetBar split-view docking engine. Screenshot below from sample shipped with DotNetBar illustrate the capabilities of document docking.

Split-view document docking illustrated in screenshot above is using one of the most flexible document docking engines. For example in VS.NET you can dock documents only either horizontally or vertically but you cannot mix the layouts like in the screenshot above. DotNetBar split-view docking engine allows that and as much complexity in your layout as you wish.

Document docking is also fully supported in design-time where you can arrange your document docked windows visually directly on the form. Please invest couple of minutes to watch Document Docking movie.

For more information please check out Document Docking topic under DotNetBar Fundamentals in DotNetBar help file.