DotNetBar for WPF Release Notes


  1. New: Radial Menu Control Added
  2. New: Added support for Office 2013 Visual Style to most DevComponents controls and most WPF common controls. (The rest are coming.)
  3. New: Added new interface ICancelableItemsProvider. It is an IItemsProvider with a Cancel method.
  4. New: Added new property named AsnychronousLoadDelay of type int to VirtualizingCollection. It specifies duration in milliseconds that a page of the collection will delay loading its items after an item in the page has been accessed but before the ItemsCollection's GetRange method has been called. Used to prevent unnecessary calls to GetRange when the user is scrolling.
  5. New: Added Reset method to VirtualizingCollection.
  6. New: Improved performance of extended selection especially with respect to auto scroll when extending selection by dragging with mouse. Affects AdvTree and AdvGrid.
  7. New: Added auto scroll feature to AdvGrid when selecting multiple cells or rows by dragging with mouse.
  8. New: DockWindow.HeaderString property added to enable setting of plain text for dock window header when Header property is set to XAML that cannot be cloned. HeaderString when set will then be used on customize menu and dock window caption, while Header will be used on dock window tab.
  9. New: Added PopupButton and NumericSpinner to sample browser app.
  10. New: Significant upgrades to NumericSpinner
  11. New: Renamed DropDownButton to PopupButton and significant upgrades to PopupButton
  12. New: General improvements to design time experience across the board.
  13. New: Added new dependency property HidesTaskbarWhenMaximized to ChromelessWindow and through inheritance MetroAppWindow.
  14. Fixed: Fixed in AdvTree, when SelectionBoxType is Contained, the right edge of the selection box does not extend fully to the right edge of the last cell.
  15. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree when displaying data in columns and one or more columns is pinned to the left. Row height was being increased by the width of the pinned column separator.
  16. Fixed: Fixed in AdvTree and AdvGrid, pinned column separator height extends past last row.
  17. Fixed: Fixed a bug in VirtualizingCollection which, under certain circumstances, causes an IndexOutOfRange exception when the total number of items in the collection is less than the collection's PageSize.
  18. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid and AdvTree where, if using SelectorEditorSettings with PossibleValuesBinding set and the possible values for each row should be different, instead they are the same.
  19. Fixed: Fixed null reference exception that could occur when changing the SelectedItems collection in AdvTree.
  20. Fixed: Fixed in Metro library, HorizontalContentAlignment property of MetroButton control was being ignored.
  21. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid and AdvTree where if the SelectedCells collection is cleared the display does not update.
  22. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid causing InvalidCastExcption when clearing the grid's SelectedItems collection and the grid's items are grouped.
  23. Fixed: Fixed possible null reference exception in AdvTree when item is removed from the tree's ItemsSource collection.
  24. Fixed: Fixed selection management bug in AdvGrid introduced in previous build.
  25. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid where underlying data is not updated when a property is reset under certain conditions
  26. Fixed: Fixed in PropertyGrid, if IsLocked is true, the Reset command in context menu was enabled.
  27. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid where the event PropertyGrid.Properties.PropertyValueChanged is not raised when the property is Reset.
  28. Fixed: Adjusting the width of appointment in Day view when there is more space to the right and appointment can be made wider
  29. Fixed: Under certain usage cases Display More Appointments button in Schedule Month view is not visible
  30. Fixed: Fixed bug in Drag/Drop for AdvTree, when dropping into same tree final position is incorrect in some cases.
  31. Fixed: Fixed in AdvTree, if data is being displayed in columns and root lines are being displayed, when user resizes first column by making it smaller such that the root lines should be clipped by the second column, they show through.
  32. Fixed: Fixed in AdvTreeNode, if a value is set for the node's Indent property, it is ignored and if data is being displayed in columns, the column positioning can be off. Also affected positioning of root lines.
  33. Fixed: Fixed buttons in editor for AdvGrid and AdvTree not getting foreground set properly when mouse is over or pressed.
  34. Fixed: Fixed in AdvTree, error template for row level errors could be incorrectly sized if the row is expanded.
  35. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree where double click in child node could cause parent node to collapse if child node has node columns.
  36. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid causing unwanted space between row headers and edge of grid when grouping by a column.
  37. Fixed: Some pixel level adjustments to Metro styling for certain controls.
  38. Fixed: Fixing StringFormat property not always honored in EditingContentControl
  39. Fixed: Changed HorizontalAlignment of the ContentPresenter which displays the details section of a row in AdvGrid so it is bound to the HorizontalContentAlignment property of the row.