DotNetBar for WPF Release Notes


  1. New: DataForm control added. DataForm provides an easy way to edit properties on an object using form format and array of built-in editors.
  2. New: Added new property HideSystemButtons to MetroChrome.
  3. New: DataForm Control Added
  4. New: New Samples Browser App, launch it on conclusion of installation
  5. New: Added ShowSeconds property to TimeOfDaySpinner.
  6. New: Added DependencyProperty DoubleClickHeaderGridlineSizesToContent to ColumnDefinition and ColumnDefinitionCollection.
  7. New: Added feature to AdvGrid and AdvTree where if user double clicks on the grid line separating two column headers the column on the left is auto sized to fit content
  8. New: Adding ContentEditingControl.HasToggleButtonControlTemplateKey ComponentResourceKey.
  9. New: Added new behavior ScrollViewBehavior.IsVerticalScrollChainingEnabled which, when set to true on a ScrollViewer, will override the default ScrollViewer behavior of swallowing mouse wheel events when the vertical scroll bar is not visible or when the scroll viewer has no where to scroll to.
  10. New: Added Office2013LightGray and Office2013DarkGray predefined color themes to the Ribbon
  11. New: Added extension method for a Type object, where the Type is an enum, which return true if a given value is valid for the enum. This is an alternative to calling Enum.IsDefined() that works for both flags and non-flags (IsDefined() does not work for values which are two flags or'd together.)
  12. New: RibbonBar.DialogLauncherToolTip property added to specify tooltip for Dialog Launcher Button
  13. New: Improved Docking Splitter limit checking when resizing Dock Windows using mouse
  14. New: Added support for the access key through underscore character in Header to SuperTabItem
  15. New: Added new ComponentResourceKey to AdvGridRow named HeaderBorderBrushKey.
  16. New: Added new properties to ColorControl: ColorBlender, AutoToolTipOption, ShowAlphaSlider, ShowRGBSliders, ShowARGBTextBox.
  17. New: Added properties HideWindowIcon and HideWindowTitle to MetroChrome.
  18. New: Added property GroupItemDescriptor to ColumnDefinition making it possible to easily customize the group header when the AdvGrid rows are grouped by that column.
  19. New: Improved auto indent in AdvTreeNode.
  20. New: Added new component resource key ToolTipContentTemplateKey to PropertyGridItem making it possible to customize the built-in tool tip.
  21. New: Added set of Component Resource Keys to DragDrop's InsertionAdorner to make it possible to customize the Brushes used by the drop adorner when dragging into an AdvGrid or AdvTree.
  22. New: Added new properties IsEmptyAlternateDisplay and IsEmptyAlternateDisplayTemplate to AdvGrid and AdvTree.
  23. New: Improved support for customizing default Style of DataFormField when used inside a Metro controls based application.
  24. New: Added properties OkButtonContent and CancelButtonContent to DialogWindow and MetroDialogWindow.
  25. New: Improved auto-forward during month and day input in DateTimeInput control
  26. New: Added resource definitions for editors selection background and foreground brushes: EditColors.EditSelectionBackground, EditColors.EditSelectionForeground
  27. New: Added new property CanUserCreateNewStartPage to MetroControl.
  28. New: Added value None to the MetroToolBarExpandDirection enum. When MetroToolBar.ExpandDirection is set to None, the expand button is hidden.
  29. New: Added support for showing Callout for Appointment below Appointment if there is no space on left or right side of the screen
  30. New: Improved Tabbing story for Metro controls in general.
  31. New: Added SystemButtonStyleKey resource key to MetroChrome.
  32. New: Hooked up ColumnDefinition.ToolTip property so that it can be used to define a tool tip for the cells in a column.
  33. New: Adding support to MetroStartControl so it can be placed outside of MetroShell and have the 3D animation still work.
  34. New: Added a public reference to the editing control that is embedded inside AdvGridCell, so that its Content can be interrogated when the Cell's IsDirty changes to true.
  35. New: Added new properties PreHeader and PreHeaderTemplate to AdvTreeNode.
  36. New: Added visual clue to Metro theme'd check box and radio button.
  37. New: Added full support for drag and drop of rows in AdvGrid.
  38. New: Added NavigationPane.ExpandButtonVisibility property to control visibility of Expand button
  39. New: Update to DateTimeInput in how it handles month change when day is entered but its outside of bounds of newly entered month. Allows date preservation
  40. New: Added new read-only dependency property IsDocked to SlidingContentControl.
  41. New: Added implicit Metro styling for the Microsoft PasswordBox control.
  42. New: Added IsReadOnly property to EditingContentControl.
  43. New: New algorithm for appointment layout in Day/Week views
  44. New: Added property HideMinimizeMaximizeButtons to MetroChrome control.
  45. New: Modified behavior of AdvGrid such that, if one or more rules are added to the RowValidationRules collection, by row editing is automatically enabled (IsByRowEditingEnabled = true.)
  46. New: Added FormValidationRules property to DataFormEditorSettings.
  47. New: Added ValidationRules dependency property to DataForm control in support of form level validation.
  48. New: Added MetroDialowWindow which inherits from DevComponents.Wpf.Controls.DialogWindow and is chromeless.
  49. New: If a Metro theme is in effect and a dialog window is opened via an editor in AdvGrid or AdvTree, the dialog window will now be a MetroDialogWindow, by default.
  50. New: Improved support of Metro styling for EditingContentControl, which is used by AdvGrid and AdvTree.
  51. New: Created a behavior which will make any existing Window a ChromelessWindow.
  52. New: Fixed bug causing IsExpanded to be ignored at load time when set in style for AdvTreeNode.
  53. New: Added ability to scroll the MetroShell tab items when there is overflow.
  54. New: Added a check box for the IsLocked property of PropertyGrid in PropertyGridSample's Basic Sample page.
  55. New: Made small performance enhancement in AdvTreeDropHandler.
  56. New: Changed the TextBox style for Metro so that it doesn't override the default TextBox style.
  57. New: Added option to search only expanded nodes in method AdvTre.FindNode(...).
  58. New: Added two new properties to PropertyGridEditor: IsReadOnly and EnableButtonForReadOnly. Now, when the underlying property is read-only or the parent property grid's IsLocked == true, the editor's IsReadOnly is set to true, rather than IsEnabled set to false. By default, when IsReadOnly == true, the user cannot edit the value and the buttons, if any, are disabled, but there is still the ability to copy the displayed value for most editors.
  59. New: Improved performance in several areas in AdvTree esp. when virtualizing is enabled, including: selecting multiple items when some of the selected item containers are virtualized, ExpandToLevel, FindNode, BringIntoView, etc.
  60. New: ButtonDropDown.WrapLabelImagePadding property added
  61. New: Added new property CurrentSelection to MetroControl.
  62. New: Made significant performance and usability improvements to loading, node search and bringing into view and more, which were performing badly when the tree's ItemsSource is a large data set multiple levels deep with many or all nodes initial IsExpanded value set to true via data binding.
  63. New: MonthCalendar.DisplayMonthChanged event added which fires after DisplayMonth has changed
  64. New: Made it so MetroControl (Metro start view) scrolls horizontally with mouse wheel.
  65. Fixed: Trying to address the position and size of the maximized Ribbon Window with moved task-bar
  66. Fixed: Fixed bug showing up in cell editors for AdvGrid and AdvTree, where, when the editor has a drop down, if user clicks on a non-active part of the drop down content then the drop down is closed prematurely.
  67. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid when rows are scrolled down, then enough rows are removed so that horizontal offset is greater than the number of rows, the rows may not be visible until the user moves the scroll bar.
  68. Fixed: Various bug fixes, pixel level UI adjustments and keyboard navigation improvements, especially in relation to editor for AdvGrid, AdvTree and DataForm.
  69. Fixed: Fixing bug where if a column definition has a Binding with a converter and also has a cell content template defined, the converter's convert method can be called with the value from the wrong column.
  70. Fixed: Attempting blind fix for bug where if a column definition's Binding is set and the Binding has a Converter, it is somehow possible for a String to be passed to the Converter instead of the expected DataType (i.e. a short in this case.)
  71. Fixed: null ref exception occurring somewhere in the static class ControlBehavior (a set of behaviors.)
  72. Fixed: Fixed bug in ContentEditingControl which could cause StringFormat to be ignored when set, under certain circumstances.
  73. Fixed: Improved keyboard focus management in several built-in editors for ContentEditingControl.
  74. Fixed: Improved the default DateTime editor in ContentEditingControl so that the drop down closes when a date is selected.
  75. Fixed: Made it so, if an instance of ContentEditingControl has a drop down and IsInCellEditingEnabled = true, when the drop down is closed the in cell text editor will receive focus.
  76. Fixed: Fixed performance issue in AdvTree resulting in lag when selecting multiple nodes by dragging mouse.
  77. Fixed: Improved of Ribbon Split Button Rendering
  78. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid causing cell text to be grayed when the editor has a drop down button and the value is not editable inside the cell and the editor is not in edit mode.
  79. Fixed: Fixed bug in EnumPicker where, if the enum type is a Nullable then the Flags doesn't get set properly.
  80. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid and AdvTree, where ColumnDefinition.StringFormat is ignored under certain circumstances.
  81. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree causing right most column cell content to be clipped in certain circumstances.
  82. Fixed: Fixed entire desktop UI locking up during resize of adv tree under certain conditions.
  83. Fixed: Fixed bug in EnumPicker so that if Value is not otherwise set, it is set to the enum's default value.
  84. Fixed: Changed default value of parameter bool? searchCollapsedNodes, in method AdvTree.FindNode, from true to null, making it so children of collapsed nodes are searched in a second pass, only if the node is not found in the first pass. This has significant performance implications in certain circumstances.
  85. Fixed: Fixed in AdvGrid, when grid is empty and horizontal scroll bar is visible, the IsEmptyAlternateDisplay content overlapped the scroll bar.
  86. Fixed: Fixed in AdvGrid and AdvTree, an editor with drop down or dialog window is still enabled in read-only mode, under some conditions.
  87. Fixed: AdvGrid, AdvTree and PropertyGrid will now pass along value of ScrollViewerBehavior.IsVerticalScrollChainingEnabled to underlying scroll viewer.
  88. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid causing cell to sometimes appear empty when the cell's data type is other than string, under certain circumstances.
  89. Fixed: Fixed null ref exception in DragDrop that could happen when dragging an item out of a list box, under certain conditions.
  90. Fixed: Fixed null ref exception in AdvGrid that could potentially happen when selecting a column after it has been moved or displaced by a drag/drop operation.
  91. Fixed: Fixed bug where the mouse over visual cue for MetroTile was not being shown.
  92. Fixed: Fixed bug making it impossible to set the Background on a MetroTile to a value that is not one of the built-in TileColor values.
  93. Fixed: Dock Windows DockSite.AutoHidePopupOverlay=true might leave popup open when main form loses input focus
  94. Fixed: Fixed in AdvGrid, the alternate display text was hit test visible even though the ContentPresenter which displays it was Collapsed.
  95. Fixed: Fixed auto-hide dock window unable to be resized issue
  96. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid where, if a row's details section is open and the row headers are not being shown, when scrolling horizontally the details section moves twice as fast as it should.
  97. Fixed: Fixing bug where if a column is selected, then grid vertically scrolled, then a new column selected, the old column is still highlighted and the new one is not.
  98. Fixed: Fixed bug causing flicker when scrolling AdvTree under certain circumstances.
  99. Fixed: Fixed or improved positioning inconsistencies and errors with node columns that were showing up under certain situations.
  100. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree where it was sometimes not possible to scroll down to view entire item at bottom of the tree.
  101. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid where, if SelectionUnit is Row and there are pinned columns, attempting to resize the pinned columns with the grid splitter results in the row under mouse pointer being selected.
  102. Fixed: Changed the display of the splitter which separates pinned columns from non-pinned columns in AdvGrid or AdvTree so that, the splitter is visible in the area where there are no visible rows, if there are not enough rows to fill the entire height of the grid or tree.
  103. Fixed: DockWindow might not be re-sizable under certain usage cases
  104. Fixed: Fixed bug in Drag/Drop for AdvTree causing the drop adorner to be misplaced when mouse is past the last node in the tree and item moved into wrong position if actually dropped.
  105. Fixed: Ribbon Application Menu closes and shows keytips permanently if opened through Alt+F key and then pressed Alt key
  106. Fixed: Ribbon Application Menu shows double-keytips if Alt+F is pressed two times
  107. Fixed: Fixed bug in IsValidEnumValue extension method.
  108. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid causing InvalidCastException when there is a pinned row and the grid's Filter is changed.
  109. Fixed: Fixed bug in EnumPicker causing initial displayed value to be incorrect when the initial value is two flags or'd together.
  110. Fixed: Schedule control: Changed sorting of all-day appointments panel displaying multiple appointments to take into account AutoId when appointments are of same start and duration
  111. Fixed: Fixed bug in EnumPicker where, if the enum is Flags and Value is changed via code externally, the control will sometimes coerce the value of Value to an incorrect value.
  112. Fixed: Fixed bug in TransparentWindow - ShowDialog was being called in the constructor.
  113. Fixed: Fixed in AdvGrid, when selection mode is Extended and dragging mouse to select rows, row items are added to SelectedItems multiple times.
  114. Fixed: Fixed Width was hard coded in Metro styling for ToolBar Separator.
  115. Fixed: Ribbon.IsMinimized setting might not work properly under some use cases where template is applied twice to control due to theme changes and before the control is displayed
  116. Fixed: The Ribbon Backstage was not opening unless there is at least one item added to ApplicationMenu.Items
  117. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid causing the border for a row header to fail to show up on all sides when the row or a cell within it is selected.
  118. Fixed: Fixed a bug in AdvGrid making it so the current row indicator of the row header is not displayed.
  119. Fixed: Fixed bug making it impossible to remove the focus rectangle from a cell in AdvTree.
  120. Fixed: Fixed, improved and/or added several Metro style elements to both common MSFT controls and DevComponents controls.
  121. Fixed: Fixed the restore from maximize button in MetroChrome is not transparent inside of rectangle.
  122. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree where a node does not display the columns defined for parent node or parent tree when its InheritsColumns property is set to IfColumnDataPresent and all of the columns defined have empty BindingMemberPath or Binding referencing the node's data object.
  123. Fixed: Ribbon.IsMinimized might not place ribbon into minimized state correctly if set from XAML
  124. Fixed: ButtonDropDown and popup implementation does not release mouse capture due to timing issue if Ribbon is minimized and from ButtonDropDown.Click event MessageBox is shown
  125. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree causing weird artifact in display of highlighted/selected nodes when SelectionBoxType is Full, under certain circumstances.
  126. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree where, if AlternationCount is changed from a value greater than 1 to one or less, the alternating backgrounds are not cleared in the display.
  127. Fixed: Fixed null ref execption in PropertyGrid when resetting a nullable value and the defalut value is null.
  128. Fixed: Fixed a bug in PropertyGrid causing it to require two attempts to Reset a property under specific circumstances.
  129. Fixed: Fixed bug in DragDrop for AdvTree and AdvGrid when selection mode is extended - items moved into incorrect position under certain conditions.
  130. Fixed: Fixed bug in ItemsCollection.Move method where new item position is incorrect when the new index is greater than the previous index.
  131. Fixed: Marked as Obsolete property RejectNonNumericValuesForType of type NumericEditorDescriptor. Use RejectNonNumericInput instead.
  132. Fixed: Changed, in PropertyGrid, when the presses the Enter key and there is a validation error, keyboard focus does not leave the active property grid item.
  133. Fixed: Fixed in PropertyGrid, Numeric Editor now honors the EnableInCellEditing flag when set to false.
  134. Fixed: Fixed in NumericSpinner, user can now enter a negative sign as first character in the text box, or any other non-numeric character which can be made to be a valid first character of a valid numeric value.
  135. Fixed: Changed default Style for DataFormField so that if there is a validation error, the field's ToolTip displays the error message.
  136. Fixed: Fixed bug introduced in last release causing Metro Chrome and StatusBar to be partially clipped when the window is maximized.
  137. Fixed: Fixed in PropertyGrid Numeric Editor and the NumericSpinner control, StringFormat may now contain non-numeric string literals.
  138. Fixed: Fixed ChromelessWindow and MetroAppWindow are not repositioned when the user selects "Show windows side by side" or "Show windows stacked" or "Cascade windows" in the Windows Task Bar context menu.
  139. Fixed: Made an attempt to minimize the number warnings issued by ResourceDictionary as result of valid call to FrameworkElement.TryFindResource() when the resource is not found. (Multiple warnings can show up in debug output when running AdvTreeSample and scrolling.) Applies to Visual Studio 2012 only.
  140. Fixed: Silenced a binding errors reported in debug output when scrolling in AdvTree
  141. Fixed: Fixed bug in column reordering via drag and drop in AdvGrid.
  142. Fixed: Closing auto-hide open DockWindow might not update the parent DockWindowGroup content under all usage cases
  143. Fixed: Fixed DataFormField Validation error adorner site is now set to be the value cell, not the entire control.
  144. Fixed: Fixed in PropertyGrid, the event PropertyGridPropertyCollection.PropertyValueChanged could be raised twice for a single event, under certain circumstances.
  145. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree and AdvGrid where the Foreground of a cell is not inherited from its parent row or node as it should be.
  146. Fixed: Fixed, in AdvGrid, when multiple selection is enabled, SelectedItem is set then reset to null then set again when a new set of selected items is initiated.
  147. Fixed: Fixed ChromelessWindow (and MetroAppWindow) does not allow the task bar to become visible when the task bar is set to auto-hide.
  148. Fixed: Updated the appointment callout/tooltip position and size
  149. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid which could cause inability to make last row fully visible when FontFamily is set to a font which is bigger than the default font.
  150. Fixed: Fixed regression bug in AdvGrid causing CommitOnContentChanged to not work correctly.
  151. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree potentially causing invalid content to be displayed in a node's cells when the tree's nodes are created in code and the tree has a column definition defined.
  152. Fixed: Fixed issue showing up in AdvGrid, when a new item is added and DialogWindow is used to edit its values, when the dialog is closed the new item is added to the underlying collection before its property values are set.
  153. Fixed: Fixed an issue where Ribbon Icon right most pixels were not rendered under certain use cases
  154. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree causing Drag/Drop to fail when the tree is enclosed in a ScrollViewer and the tree's SelectionBoxType is Full.
  155. Fixed: Fixed RibbonWindow timing issue that could result in black rectangle inside of the window when Windows Glass is enabled
  156. Fixed: ApplicationMenu processed Tab key for standard Office 2003 application menu even if Backstage is visible thus preventing Backstage tabs from processing Tab key
  157. Fixed: In CalendarView control, moved assignment of default values for DisplayedOwners, DayViewDate and the other view Start/End dates from constructor to OnApplyTemplate() and make the assignments only if they are unset. This was done as a work around to what would appear to be a bug in WPF where if the control is defined in a DataTemplate and has bindings to these properties set up against the data context the bindings are not created as they should be.
  158. Fixed: Fixed a bug in DragDrop where a drag would fail to start if the intended drag source is an element inside the visual tree of an element which is also a drag source.
  159. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid related to Drag/Drop where a dropped item is sometimes placed in the wrong position.
  160. Fixed: In the Template for MetroShell, named the ContentPresenter which displays the selected content "PART_SelectedContentHost" which is expected to be there by the UI Automation Verify Test Automation Framework, so the tool "sees" the selected content of a tab control.
  161. Fixed: Fixed in AdvGrid, when the column definitions are set to null the header is collapsed. But it is not made visible again when the column definitions are re-set to a non-null value.
  162. Fixed: Moving an appointment that stretches over week boundaries to different owner might leave visually parts of appointments in previous owner
  163. Fixed: Fixed it takes two key strokes to tab out of a Metro theme'd combo box.
  164. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid causing the display of rows when grouped to not be updated properly.
  165. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid where if ShowColumnGroupingPanel is true when the panel loads, the grouping panel fails to be shown.
  166. Fixed: Fixed RibbonWindow title text going over system buttons when size of window is very narrow and Glass is enabled
  167. Fixed: Fixed QAT change placement button not working if displayed on QAT overflow
  168. Fixed: - Fixed window icon now showing on RibbonWindow in certain cases
  169. Fixed: Fixed RatingControl doesn't show initial rating when loaded.
  170. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree where, if a node has node columns defined and the column definitions collection is changed, the child node columns are not updated.
  171. Fixed: DateTimeInput control input handling fixes
  172. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree where extended selection mode does not work if MultiSelectRule is SameParent or SameLevel.
  173. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid that shows up when ItemsSource has not been set causing infinitely repeating calls to the same method and that executes in the dispatcher loop.
  174. Fixed: Tweaks to DateTimeInput day input handling
  175. Fixed: Fixed potential InvalidOperationException when attempting to enumerate through the return value of PropertyGrid.GetPropertyGridItems(true) and the property grid's IsLoaded property returns false.
  176. Fixed: Fixed PropertyGrid not properly GCed when NumericEditorDescriptor is used.
  177. Fixed: Fixed memory leak in AdvTree when deleting the only node in tree.
  178. Fixed: Fixed navigation issues when deleting nodes in AdvTree.
  179. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid where, if a cell editor is in error condition and user updates the value, the underlying property is not updated immediately in every case when the editor's CommitOnContentChanged property has been set to true.
  180. Fixed: Fixed possible memory leak issue in AdvTree when VirtualizingMode = None. Existing references to visible nodes were not always being cleared when the tree's ItemsSource property is reset.
  181. Fixed: Dock site document tab system buttons in Office 2013 style use wrong foreground color
  182. Fixed: Fixed in PropertyGrid PropertyDescriptor.IsBrowsable was being ignored for properties.
  183. Fixed: Fixed bug showing up in PropertyGrid's Brush editor where the toggle button takes up the entire cell if ToggleButtonIsChecked is set to null (meaning Pinned) in a style setter.
  184. Fixed: Collapsed NavigationPane that never had selected content of pane item displayed cannot show more pane items when splitter is dragged up
  185. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid where the shift key is ignored when tabbing if the property editor (i.e. cell on the right) has keyboard focus.
  186. Fixed: Fixed bug in MetroShell causing visual artifact to be visible when there is a tab item with null Header.
  187. Fixed: Fixed bug showing up in AdvGrid where, if a column displaying a boolean value is defined with IsCellEditable=False, the check box displayed by default was enabled. Fixed similar issues with certain other built-in editors.
  188. Fixed: Fixed potential memory leak in AdvTree when the value of ItemsSource is changed and VirtualizationMode = None.
  189. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid causing Reset function to not work if the current value as entered by user fails validation.
  190. Fixed: Removing Icon from Dock Window customize Menu
  191. Fixed: Minor improvements to positioning of content in MetroDialogWindow default Template.
  192. Fixed: Fixed bug in DialogWindow resulting in failure of window to properly size to content under certain circumstances.
  193. Fixed: Implemented work around to obscure bug which was showing up in MetroDialogWindow causing thick black border on right and bottom edges of window when shown and SizeToContent=WidthAndHeight.
  194. Fixed: No longer using Segoe UI Symbol font for icon on overflow buttons of MetroShell. (Font is not on all versions of Windows.)
  195. Fixed: Removed possibility that a virtualize AdvTreeCell is included in measure pass, which could result in null reference exception if the ColumnDefinition defining the cell had been removed from the collection.
  196. Fixed: Fixed bug in DragDrop causing failure of Drag operation to start under certain conditions.
  197. Fixed: Fixed incorrect column sizing behavior under certain circumstances in AdvTree and AdvGrid.
  198. Fixed: Improved resize behavior when there are multiple pinned columns.
  199. Fixed: Eliminated any potential for null reference exception when changing size of a Pinned column in AdvTree or AdvGrid.
  200. Fixed: Fixed bug causing tab items in MetroShell to not show up until resize, under certain specific circumstances.
  201. Fixed: Fixed bug where layout of metro tiles is not updated correctly when the size of a tile changes and layout Orientation is Horizontal.
  202. Fixed: Fixed bug causing pinned columns in AdvTree and AdvGrid to be rendered with width of Zero under certain conditions.
  203. Fixed: Added constructor to AdvCellSelectionData so it can be used to select a cell in code without requiring access to the cell itself.
  204. Fixed: Making sure when EditingContentControl opens a dialog window, the dialog window has same VisualStyle as the effective VisualStyle of editor itself.
  205. Fixed: Fixed PropertyGrid fails to re-read source value of read-only properties when refreshed.
  206. Fixed: Fixed cannot change MetroTile Type from Small to Large at run time.
  207. Fixed: Improved Appointment drag & drop between weeks in Month view
  208. Fixed: Fixed text not visible in MetroOsSample login password box.
  209. Fixed: Fixed KeyDown routed event is swallowed unnecessarily by AdvTreeNode when Key is Enter and no action is taken by the node in response to the event.
  210. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree where row columns are not refreshed when a column's visibility is changed from collapsed to visible.
  211. Fixed: Made it so, if the property grid's IsLocked == true, the button for any collection editors is enabled allowing the collection editor dialog to be opened, but in read-only mode.
  212. Fixed: Fixed in AdvTree and AdvGrid, SelectionChanged event is raised multiple times for single event, under certain circumstances.
  213. Fixed: Fixed in AdvTreeNode, when IsExpanded is data bound, the effective value of the binding is ignored when realizing the container.
  214. Fixed: Fixed in AdvGridRow and AdvTreeNode, when IsSelected is data bound, the effective value of the binding is ignored when realizing the container.
  215. Fixed: Fixed render artifacts sometimes showing up in AdvTree when scrolling very fast and columns are defined.
  216. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree causing BringIntoView to fail when the nodes' IsExpanded property is data bound and the node to be brought into view has ancestors which are collapsed.
  217. Fixed: Fixed bug in DragDrop for AdvTree, making it possible to drag two items when only one is selected and SelectionMode is Extended.
  218. Fixed: Fixed bug in DragDrop causing drop adorner to get "stuck" in place when it should have been removed from the display.
  219. Fixed: When using CalendarView.ShowDate to show date years away from current date displayed in Week or Month view performance might be impacted if large number of appointments is in CalendarModel
  220. Fixed: Fixed memory leak in AdvTree caused by rooted event handler that is left dangling when the ItemsSource for the tree or for nodes within the tree is long lived.
  221. Fixed: Fixed default Template for EnumPicker so value for Background is maintained.
  222. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid where when resetting a property who's current value is equal to its default value, causes the property to be set to null.
  223. Fixed: Fixed bug ObjectExtensions.ToDouble extension method where when converting string to double and current culture is one who's character for decimal point is different than the character in input string, the decimal point is ignored.
  224. Fixed: Fixed ChromelessWindow and MetroAppWindow so that when the window's Title is changed at runtime, the application name as displayed by the OS is updated.
  225. Fixed: Starting DockWindow in auto-hide mode when Main Window is started Minimized will not allow showing of auto-hide window
  226. Fixed: Fixed in AdvTree and AdvGrid when virtualization is enabled, if there is a binding established for IsSelected property and a data item is added to or removed from the SelectedItems collection and the data item's container is virtualized, the data item itself is not updated.
  227. Fixed: Fixed in AdvTree with virtualization enabled, BringIntoView can be off by a few pixels under certain circumstances.
  228. Fixed: Fixed selected items are unselected when tree or grid's ItemsSource changes and the new collection contains some of the same items as the old collection.
  229. Fixed: Fixed Tree and Grid not being made active when Scroll Viewer clicked.
  230. Fixed: Fixed MetroChrome Context Menu disabled.
  231. Fixed: Fixed bug causing node columns to not scroll horizontally under certain conditions.
  232. Fixed: Fixed AdvTreeNode sometimes fails to display visual indicator that it is selected if its IsSelected property is bound to a data item and set to true before the node has been realized.
  233. Fixed: Fixed issue causing BindingExpression path error in debug output.
  234. Fixed: Fixed null reference exception related to virtualization that was occurring under certain rare conditions.
  235. Fixed: Fixed issue in AdvTree where when a node resizes itself the parent tree's scroll data was not being updated correctly.
  236. Fixed: Office 2013 theme might generate inconsistent colors for certain parts when certain base colors are used
  237. Fixed: RibbonWindow in Office 2013 style on Windows 7 has snap to edge docking disabled