DotNetBar for WPF Release Notes


  1. New: Office 2013 styling added to the Ribbon
  2. New: Office 2013 styling added to the Docking controls
  3. New: Office 2013 styling added to Schedule control
  4. New: Office 2013 styling added to Editors
  5. New: Added ClickMode property to AdvTreeNode and AdvGridRow. Default is ClickMode.Press which is same as existing behavior.
  6. New: Created new controls MetroTileFrame and MetroTileFramesPresenter. Added Clr property Frames of type ItemCollection and Dependency Property FramesSource of type IEnumerable to MetroTile. Now supporting multiple frames to be displayed inside a single metro tile on a rotating basis.
  7. New: Added attached DependencyProperty MetroUI.ApplicationThemeProperty which applies a Metro theme to the entire application. (Existing property MetroUI.Theme applies the theme to the UIElement on which the property is set and its descendants.)
  8. New: Updated DragDrop such that the DragHandler for a given drag source is not instantiated until the user has drug the mouse far enough that the drag operation should begin immediately. DragHandler no longer needs to handle mouse move event to check the distance user has drug mouse before starting drag operation. (This was best way to fix a null ref exception which was showing up in certain rare circumstances.)
  9. New: Added support in DragDrop's DragHandler for dragging over Popups and multiple Windows without loosing custom drag adorner.
  10. New: Added attached dependency property DragDrop.MultiWindowSupportOption with possible values: Default, SingleWindowWithPopup, MultipleWindows.
  11. New: Added public setter to property PropertyGridEditor.IsInRowContentVisible
  12. New: Added property CommitOnContentChanged to EditorSettings which is mapped to ContentEditingControl.CommitOnContentChanged.
  13. New: Added Is24Hour property to TimeOfDayEditorSettings that is used by AdvTree and AdvGrid.
  14. New: Added ability to control whether arrow keys in editors for cells and/or nodes can cause focus to move out of the current editor and into the next focusable cell or node. Defaults to true for cells and false for nodes.
  15. New: Added DeletingSelectedItems routed event to AdvTreeNode.
  16. New: Added EditCommitted routed event to AdvTreeNode.
  17. New: Made property PropertyGridEditor.IsInRowContentVisible settable.
  18. New: Making ButtonDropDown.ImageSource and ImageSmallSource object type to accept different image sources
  19. New: Added property AllowResetOnlyIfPropertyDescriptorCan to PropertyGridPropertyCollection which is inherited by PropertyGridProperty if its own property of same name is not set directly.
  20. New: Added following new properties to DialogWindowEditorDescriptor: WindowContentTemplate, WindowIcon, WindowHeight, WindowWidth.
  21. New: Changed property PropertyGridProperty.Description from type string to type object to make it easier to customize help panel content in PropertyGrid.
  22. New: Made AdvGrid/AdvTree ActiveItem a read/write property so that it can be bound to in MVVM scenerios. Setting ActiveItem causes the associated node or row to be focused.
  23. New: Made DockWindow.ImageSource property type object and made it so objects of type string, Uri or ImageSource are all valid values.
  24. New: Added properties ShowPropertyGridReadOnlyProperties and ShowPropertyGridShowSubProperties to CollectionEditor.
  25. New: Made it so property grid sub properties are sorted according to the value of the PropertyGridProperty's SortString. Previously, only top level properties were being sorted. This means sub properties will be sorted alphabetically by name as default behavior.
  26. New: Added new property Tag to PropertyGridProperty class definition.
  27. New: Improved update behavior of PropertyGrid editors when in validation error state.
  28. New: Added logic to the collection editor dialog window in PropertyGrid to update the cancel button based on the embedded collection editor's CanCancel property.
  29. New: Added property CanCancel to Collection, which will return true when the user has made changes which cannot be undone. (This will happen with a collection member type does not have a default constructor.)
  30. New: Made it so sub properties in PropertyGrid are loaded on demand rather than the entire tree loaded at once to improve performance.
  31. New: Added (to PropertyGrid) support for creating custom properties with hierarchy level greater than 0.
  32. New: Improved support for resizing pinned rows in AdvGrid.
  33. New: Improved default validation error templates for AdvTree and AdvGrid.
  34. New: Adding ability to resize columns while keeping overall table width constant. Applies if ScrollViewer.HorizontalScrollBarVisibility = Disabled.
  35. New: Added several improvements and fixed several bugs related to editor state management in Tree and Grid.
  36. New: Defined a default content template for editors in Grid and Tree which uses a TextBlock with CharacterEllipsis as value for TextTrimming.
  37. New: Added support for TypeConverter.GetStandardValues() in PropertyGrid default editor.
  38. New: MinWidth of grid row header is now bound to MinWidth of grid header corner, by default.
  39. New: Added property AutoSetRowHeaderWidth to AdvGrid.
  40. New: Added property IsReadOnlyOverride to PropertyDefinition of PropertyGrid.
  41. New: Added property ShowAdvancedPropertiesButton to PropertyDefinition for PropertyGrid.
  42. New: Added DialogWindowEditorDescriptor, a new built-in editor for PropertyGrid.
  43. New: Added IsHighlighted property to AdvTreeNode.
  44. New: Added IsHighlighted property to AdvTreeNode and AdvGridRow.
  45. New: Added property NewItemPlaceholderValue to EditorSettings for AdvGrid.
  46. New: Changed the way add new item function works in AdvGrid. A new data item is no longer created in conjunction with the new item placeholder row's creation. Now, the new item data object is not created until the instant the user starts editing a cell in the new item placeholder row.
  47. New: Added property SelectOnHandledMouseEvent to AdvTree/AdvGrid, AdvTreeNode/AdvGridRow and AdvTreeCell/AdvGridCell. When false, if the mouse down event is marked Handled at the time it reaches the item, the item will not be selected. Default value is true.
  48. New: Increased active area of default expander button in AdvTree making it easier for user to hit the button with the mouse.
  49. New: Added to AdvGrid: support for Add New Item feature when the data source is a database using Data Set or Entity Set.
  50. New: Added new value SortByColumnWithClear to ColumnHeaderClickBehavior enumeration.
  51. New: Added "Clear All Sorting" menu item to column header context menu when there are columns with sorting applied other than the current column.
  52. New: Added logic which prevents the column header context menu from including the Hide menu item if the column is the only visible column.
  53. New: Added property ContextMenuOptions to ColumnDefinition.
  54. New: Added: A ComponentResourceKey named PropertyGrid.HelpPanelStyleKey for defining a Style which is applied to the Control which is the actual help panel in PropertyGrid.
  55. New: Added: New property to PropertyGrid named HelpPanelHeight.
  56. New: Added: PropertyGrid.FirstColumnWidth is now gettable and settable at any time, instead of only when loading.
  57. New: Added MouseSelectMode property to AdvTree and AdvGrid with possible values Left, Right or Both.
  58. New: NavigationPane.CustomizationEnabled property added to control whether customize button in NavigationPane footer is visible
  59. New: In AdvGrid and AdvTree, when a column is set up to use the built-in SelectorEditor but the column's data type is not the same as the selector editor's PossibleValues, a mapping is now performed to map from the column's true value to a display value through the possible values. Requires that DisplayMemberPath and SelectedValuePath both be set in the SelectorEditorSettings.
  60. New: Added YearlyRecurrenceSettings.RepeatInterval property to specify yearly repeat interval
  61. New: NavigationPane Customize Dialog switched to AdvWindow for better theme appearance
  62. New: Added property PossibleValuesBinding to SelectorEditorDescriptor (Applies to PropertyGrid)
  63. New: Added property PossibleValuesBinding to SelectorEditorSettings (Applies to AdvGrid and AdvTree)
  64. New: Added Sort property to EnumPicker and to EnumEditorDescriptor (PropertyGrid Editor) and to EnumEditorSettings (AdvGrid Editor)
  65. New: Added Filter property to AdvGrid, AdvTree and AdvTreeNode.
  66. New: Added SortProperties property to PropertyGrid, which can be used to turn off default behavior of sorting displayed properties by property name.
  67. New: AdvTree: By-row editing mode (same as grid.)
  68. New: AdvTree: Improved column header context menu (same as grid.)
  69. New: AdvTree: Added customizable validation for editing node headers.
  70. New: AdvGrid: Improved built-in column header context menu and added OpeningBuiltInContextMenu routed event which developer can use to customize the context menu or suppress it.
  71. New: AdvGrid: Added AutoGeneratingColumn event which developer can use to customize columns when they are created automatically.
  72. New: AdvGrid: Added support for “placeholder” row which user can use to automatically create a new row item by putting the row (or a cell in the row) into edit mode.
  73. New: AdvGrid: Added row level validation with both row and cell validation rules and ability to prevent user from navigating away from row with errors (applies when by-row editing is enabled.)
  74. New: AdvGrid: Added by-row editing mode in which user can edit all cells of a row before committing changes to the underlying data source with *optional* support for the IEditableObject interface.
  75. New: AdvGrid: Added grouping by column with unlimited levels. Includes column panel which user can drag column into to group by that column.
  76. New: AdvGrid: Added row details section with option to show the details using customizable toggle button, show when row selected, show all or nothing (show manually.)
  77. Fixed: Docking window under certain specific usage condition might generate an exception
  78. Fixed: Fixed in AdvTree when both drag/drop and multiple selection are enabled and a selected node is clicked on to begin a drag operation, the set of selected nodes is reset before drag begins.
  79. Fixed: Fixed issue in PropertyGrid where SelectedObjectChanged was being raised before the properties of the newly selected object had been parsed and loaded.
  80. Fixed: Fixed issue causing vertical scroll to fail in AdvTree in rare circumstances.
  81. Fixed: Maximized RibbonWindow with glass enabled might show the bottom 2 pixels black
  82. Fixed: Fixed null ref exception which sometimes occurs when AdvGrid.ShowPinnedColumnOrRowSeparator is set to False and there are no pinned rows.
  83. Fixed: Floating dock window might be closed using Alt+F4 even if CanClose=false
  84. Fixed: Fixed root lines for a node in AdvTree sometimes not removed when the node is deleted.
  85. Fixed: Marked parameterless override of method DragHandler.CreateAdorner() as Obsolete with message recommending the use of the override which takes a single UIElement.
  86. Fixed: Fixed issues related to DragDrop when dragging across multiple windows or popups.
  87. Fixed: Fixed regression bug in DragDrop causing failure of drag operation to initiate a second time.
  88. Fixed: Fixed, when SelectionMode is Extended, multiple nodes sometimes get selected when one node is selected and shift key is NOT pressed.
  89. Fixed: Fixed bug where when SelectedItem is changed, but the old selected item is still in the SelectedItems collection, the old selected item container's IsSelected property is reset to false.
  90. Fixed: Fixed obscure bug causing failure of Node to be selected with mouse left button down under certain rare condition.
  91. Fixed: Fixed PropertyGridEditor.IsInRowContentVisible is ignored if set at the time Template is applied.
  92. Fixed: Fixed bug making it possible to enter infinite loop when vertical scrolling in certain rare circumstances. Affects AdvTree and AdvGrid.
  93. Fixed: Fixed drop down for primitive collection editor in PropertyGrid does not size correctly.
  94. Fixed: Fixed primitive collection editor in PropertyGrid ignores custom TypeConverter.
  95. Fixed: Fixed size exception in dockable windows when parent Window is resized to very small size
  96. Fixed: Improved DockWindowGroup.ItemsSource bound behavior
  97. Fixed: Fixed enum editor in PropertyGrid does not initially show correct display string for value when custom display strings are provided.
  98. Fixed: Fixed TimeOfDaySpinner control so that when Is24Hour is true, the am/pm designator is hidden.
  99. Fixed: Fixed null ref exception when setting PropertyGrid.FirstColumnInitialWiddth in Xaml.
  100. Fixed: Ribbon Window Icon might move to the right 1 pixel under certain usage conditions
  101. Fixed: DockWindow.OptionsMenu=false did not disable the dock window right-click context menu
  102. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree causing vertical scroll to malfunction under certain circumstances when virtualizing is enabled.
  103. Fixed: Fixed AdvTreeNode.EditCommitted event not firing.
  104. Fixed: DateTimeInput might reset Value under certain cases when Format property is changed
  105. Fixed: Fixed Property Grid editors don't use DisplayMemberPath when the specified path references a property that is not type string.
  106. Fixed: Fixed unwanted artifacts left over from node's root line when node is dragged/moved to another position in the tree.
  107. Fixed: Fixed issues related to node validation.
  108. Fixed: Fixed node enters edit mode when the expander button is double clicked.
  109. Fixed: Fixed bug where AdvTree/AdvGrid swallow Delete key gesture even though CanUserDeleteItem is false.
  110. Fixed: Reinstated property ToggleButtonisChecked to PropertyGridEditor which was removed in previous revision.
  111. Fixed: Fixing bug in AdvTree causing a node header to be incorrectly rendered when the value is a descendant of Visual.
  112. Fixed: When AdvGrid or AdvTree editor opens a dialog window, the window is now given same visual style as the tree/grid, unless a value for VisualStyleManager.VisualStyle is explicitly set on the window.
  113. Fixed: Fixed bug in Properties where if SelectedObjects is set to null properties are not cleared out.
  114. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid's Selector editor where if the selector's PossibleValues is set as well as DisplayMemberPath and SelectedValuePath, the value actually displayed is the selected value not the value indicated by display member path.
  115. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid where Resetting the property (right click menu item, for example) does not set value to default value defined for the property in certain situations.
  116. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid where, if sub property is edited, the display value of its parent is not updated.
  117. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid/AdvTree when selection mode is extended or multiple, cells can sometimes be selected as if mouse button is pressed and dragging when drop down of one cell is open for editing.
  118. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid/AdvTree causing value set by editor drop down not always committed to source when required, under certain circumstances.
  119. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree where ActiveItem not being updated when keyboard focus changes.
  120. Fixed: DockSite Better enforcing of minimum content sizes
  121. Fixed: Fixed timing related bug causing sizing issues and failure of vertical scrolling in AdvTree under certain circumstances.
  122. Fixed: Fixed bug in Enum Editor which was causing crash under certain rare conditions.
  123. Fixed: Made it so AdvGrid does not crash if an attempt is made to sort by a column when the column objects do not implement IEquatable.
  124. Fixed: Made property FocusedColumn of class ColumnDefinitionCollection public getter.
  125. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree and AdvGrid where if SelectionMode is Extended and multiple items are selected programatically in sequence, only last item selected is actually selected.
  126. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree and AdvGrid where if a row or a node is selected via binding at the time it is created, item is sometimes not added to the parent grid or tree's SelectedItems collection.
  127. Fixed: Making it so the Items list box in CollectionEditor receives focus by default.
  128. Fixed: Fixing bug in PropertyGrid where if CollectionEditor is opened from within a parent CollectionEditor, the second instance does not inherit VisualStyle properly.
  129. Fixed: Fixed numeric editor so the string displayed in place of null value is removed from the editor when the editor recieves keyboard focus.
  130. Fixed: Fixed PropertyGrid.CommitOnValueChanged property has no effect.
  131. Fixed: Fixed in CollectionEditor the move up and down buttons are not disabled for read-only collections.
  132. Fixed: Fixed bug in CollectionEditor where if the underlying collection is a read-only collection, changing a property value on an existing item and clicking the Ok button causes crash.
  133. Fixed: Fixed issue in PropertyGrid where if an editor with popup is opened when the property grid is next to the edge of the screen, the popup is potentially positioned incorrectly, especially when the screen edge is adjacent to a second monitor.
  134. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid causing failure of displayed values to update as required.
  135. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid where changing ShowReadOnlyProperties from true to false caused expanded properties to collapse.
  136. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid causing ShowAdvancedPropertiesButton to fail under certain circumstances.
  137. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid where the properties are not updated if ShowReadOnlyProperties is changed at run-time.
  138. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid causing ShowReadOnlyProperties=true to not work in some situations.
  139. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid where, if a value is set for the CollectionEditorDescriptor.PropertyGridPropertyDefinitions a crash can occur when opening the collection editor.
  140. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid where PropertyDefinition.IsReadOnlyOverride does not have any effect.
  141. Fixed: Fixed issue in AdvTreeNode where methods PrepareContainerForItemOverride and ClearContainerForItemOverride not being called as expected.
  142. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid where if property is an enum and the enum values are decorated with DescriptionAttribute the drop down has correct names but the displayed value is not obtained from the description attribute.
  143. Fixed: Fixing bug in AdvTree causing VS to hang in designer mode in certain configurations.
  144. Fixed: Fixed bug in MetroOS sample causing the AdvTree in the sample's File view application to have columns with jagged widths.
  145. Fixed: Fixed bug causing cells in edit mode to exit edit mode when the editing text box's context menu is opened.
  146. Fixed: Created work around for failure of seemingly random grid row headers to update width when the grid's RowHeaderWidth is updated.
  147. Fixed: Fixed bug causing column header highlight to be sized incorrectly in certain situations.
  148. Fixed: Fixed horizontal scrolling disabled when changing visual styles.
  149. Fixed: Fixed vertical scroll bar data not being updated when grid row is resized.
  150. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTreeNode causing inherited ItemTemplate to override one defined for the current node under certain conditions.
  151. Fixed: Updated PropertyGrid so the null value display string is removed from the text box when the editor control recieves input focus.
  152. Fixed: Updated PropertyGrid so EditorDescriptor.NullValueDisplayString works for empty strings as well as null values.
  153. Fixed: Fixed, when the editor has a drop down, and the toggle button extends the full length of the cell, the content string and triangle glyph potentially overlap.
  154. Fixed: Fixed bug in column headers for AdvTree and AdvGrid where, if one header is higher than the others, the others do not auto adjust their height.
  155. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid where sub property display not being updated when underlying property value changes.
  156. Fixed: Added LessThan, LessThanEqual, GreaterThan, GreaterThanEqual value converters.
  157. Fixed: Improved sizing/resizing of pinned columns.
  158. Fixed: Fixed issue causing failure to use default editors based on data type, for new item placeholder row, when the grid's ItemsSource is an empty collection. Now, if the collection member type can be determined from ItemsSource, then it is used to determine column data types and set up default editors.
  159. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree when nodes are virtualized then recycled to a different parent, property inheritance is not properly applied in all cases.
  160. Fixed: Improved vertical scrolling behavior in both AdvTree and AdvGrid when nodes/rows are of varrying heights.
  161. Fixed: Fixed subtle issues in property mapping between ColumnDefinitions and the UI elements.
  162. Fixed: Fixed usability issues involved when user resized a column smaller and horizontal offset is at its maximum (and is not 0.)
  163. Fixed: AdvGrid, if vertically scrolled all the way down, when resized higher vertical offset is now automatically adjusted to prevent emptiness at bottom of grid, if possible.
  164. Fixed: Corrected horizontal content alignment of some cells in right hand column of PropertyGrid not lined up correctly.
  165. Fixed: Fixed, IsReadOnly is not recognized correctly for all editors in PropertyGrid.
  166. Fixed: Fixed, in some editors for PropertyGrid, when editor is disabled, editor content is not grayed out.
  167. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTreeDragHandler where, when being used as the base class for a custom drag handler, the value of Data is never updated after the first drag operation causes it to be set once.
  168. Fixed: Fixed bug in time of day editor for AdvTree and AdvGrid where value entered into text box by user is lost if the editor suddenly loses focus.
  169. Fixed: Changed AdvTreeNode highlight (mouse over) color to be a shade lighter than the selected color, by default.
  170. Fixed: Fixed bug in drag/drop for AdvTree where if nodes are added directly (not data bound) then dragging a node to a new position causes the node to lose its header and its children if it had any.
  171. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree where methods GetNodeAt(Point position) and GetNodeAtVerticalPosition(double Y) potentially return a node which is child of a node that has been expanded then collapsed.
  172. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid where if the built-in numeric editor is fails to set value entered into text box by user if EnableInCellEditing == true and CommitOnValueChanged == true.
  173. Fixed: Fixed in AdvGrid and AdvTree, when user enters a numeric value that is formatted with a non-numeric character, such as the currency symbol, the editor was unable to make the conversion and reported an error.
  174. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvGrid which caused horizontal scrolling of the header to not work when column definitions are set up in code after the grid has loaded.
  175. Fixed: Fixed: In PropertyGrid, null reference exception occurs under certain circumstances which involve placing an editor at the end of the category.
  176. Fixed: Fixed: In PropertyGrid, when a Brush editor is placed in the bottom of the category, it is sized incorrectly.
  177. Fixed: Fixed: In both AdvTree and AdvGrid, when a ContextMenu is opened via an element inside the grid/tree selected cells/nodes are grayed out, indicating that the grid/tree is inactive.
  178. Fixed: Fixed: In AdvGrid, Auto sizing of the row header width not working.
  179. Fixed: Fixed: In AdvTree, BringIntoView does not work quite right when there are node columns in the tree. (Fixed for the case where virtualization is off and ScrollMode = Normal)
  180. Fixed: Fixed: Change VisualStyle to Office and pinned column separators can be rendered in wrong place and horizontal scrolling does not work.
  181. Fixed: Fixed: Left/Right Keyboard navigation out of order when columns are pinned.
  182. Fixed: Fixed: In Tree, sometimes when click on expander button, node is not selected.
  183. Fixed: Fixed: In both Tree and Grid, if a column is hidden keyboard navigation stops working at hidden column.
  184. Fixed: Fixed: In Tree, when style for node sets IsExpanded true, if node is collapsed and then the node is virtualized, when re-realized it does not remember being collapsed.
  185. Fixed: Fixed: In both Tree and Grid, if there are pinned columns with the pinned columns separator visible, resizing the Height of the grid or tree causes the separators to be rendered in the wrong place.
  186. Fixed: Added Global.InvariantEnglishUS CultureInfo to be used by MultiplicationConverter and AdditionConverter. Fixes format exception raised under certain circumstances when running in environment where the culture is not us-english.
  187. Fixed: Fixed subtle rendering errors involving width of columns with starred width, when showing/hiding columns in AdvTree or AdvGrid.
  188. Fixed: Improved resize behavior of columns in AdvTree when the vertical scroll bar visibility changes and when hiding and showing columns.
  189. Fixed: Fixed design time exception raised when adding a column with Visibility = Collapsed to AdvTree
  190. Fixed: Fixed bug causing exception when attempting to set AdvGrid.CanUserDeleteItem in Xaml.
  191. Fixed: Made style adjustments to the way Metro Tile indicates mouse over and mouse pressed.
  192. Fixed: Made style adjustments to Metro ScrollBar to better approximate Windows 8 Release Preview.
  193. Fixed: Fixed artifacts which were showing up in Metro when running on a computer with Windows 8 and with .Net 4.5 installed.
  194. Fixed: Fixed bug causing crash when mouse moves over a MetroTile.
  195. Fixed: Fixed bug where, if a cell is in edit mode, but no changes have been made, and then the user hits the enter key, the cell exits edit mode but keyboard navigation no longer works.
  196. Fixed: Fixed bug causing crash when mouse over metro tile.
  197. Fixed: Fixed: Extended cell selection bug causing full row to be selected (this bug was introduced with this week's changes, it is not a bug in current release.)
  198. Fixed: Fixed: AdvGrid.HighlightSelectedCellRowHeader not working.
  199. Fixed: Fixed bug causing crash when a column definition's Visibility property is initially set to Collapsed.
  200. Fixed: Fixed bug causing failure of columns with starred width to be resized when scroll viewer's vertical scroll bar visibility changes.
  201. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree where VerticalExtent was being incorrectly calculated in a specific and rare set of conditions.
  202. Fixed: Fixed: old selected item (or cell) not unselected when new item (or cell) is selected in AdvTree when the tree nodes are added manually to the tree (not data bound) and the tree nodes are assigned unique value for DataContext.
  203. Fixed: Changed how Metro Tile indicates MouseOver and Pressed visual states to eliminate text flicker and blurriness.
  204. Fixed: Fixed bug in DragDrop where if the same custom DropHandler is being used for multiple drop targets, the drop adorner's adorned element is not reset when the drop target changes.
  205. Fixed: Fixed issue in DragDrop for when an AdvTree is the drop target, where the drop adorner is incorrectly positioned and can flicker in certain situations.
  206. Fixed: Floating Dock Window Close Button On Dock Tabs Disabled
  207. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTreeNode where, if the node is in edit mode but no changes have been made, hitting enter key does not take the node out of edit mode.
  208. Fixed: Fixed bug in Selector editor for AdvGrid and AdvTree where the cell's display value is empty, under certain circumstances.
  209. Fixed: Fixed PropertyGrid numeric editor to work with nullable values correctly.
  210. Fixed: Fixed bug in EnumPicker where under certain circumstances, only if the enum was flags, it wasn't possible to unselect a previously selected value.
  211. Fixed: Fixed: When a property grid property editor is open in popup mode, and the user scrolls the property grid items (with scroll wheel) the popup does not move with the property. (Now, the popup closes when scrolling.)
  212. Fixed: Fixed: PropertyGridItem does not honor Background property.
  213. Fixed: Ribbon and DockSite might not remove MergeDictionary completely
  214. Fixed: Fixed in PropertyGrid: EditorDescriptor.EnableInCellEditing was being ignored. (Also simplified some overly complex code in EditorDescriptor.)
  215. Fixed: Fixed issue in selector editor for AdvTree and AdvGrid causing cell content to vanish when drop down opens. (Applies when both DisplayMemberPath and SelectedValuePath are set and .Net 4.5 is NOT installed on the machine.)
  216. Fixed: Fixed drag and drop for AdvTree where it was not possible to drop an item into an empty node if IsExpanded == true.
  217. Fixed: Fixed null reference exception after adding a new node to AdvTree in code.
  218. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTreeNode where if the node goes into edit mode to edit the node's header, but no changes are made, it is not possible to get the node out of edit mode.
  219. Fixed: Fixed issue in DragDrop for AdvTree where, when SelectionMode == Extended it was possible when initiating a drag of a node, it was possible for an adjacent node to be selected unintentionally.
  220. Fixed: Fixed bug in DragDrop for AdvTree where when dropping an item into tree at bottom of tree it was possible for the item to be inserted in front of the last item.
  221. Fixed: Fixed debug output reporting binding errors in AdvTree and AdvGrid caused when node or row style has properties which are bound to data context, but the data context isn't set yet.
  222. Fixed: Fixed keyboard navigation in AdvTree and AdvGrid so that keyboard focus leaves the tree/grid appropriately when KeyboardNavigationMode is Once, Continue.
  223. Fixed: Fixed crash when opening column header context menu after hiding column with custom header which is a UIElement.
  224. Fixed: Fixed HotTrack was being ignored in AdvTree.
  225. Fixed: Fixed performance issue apparent with DragDrop inside AdvTree when the tree nodes are deeply nested.
  226. Fixed: Fixed occasional flicker of the drag adorner in DragDrop under certain circumstances, and eliminated the possibility that drop will be incorrectly allowed.
  227. Fixed: Fixed bug in SelectorEditorSettings for AdvGrid where if PossibleValuesBinding is used in conjunction with DisplayMemberPath and SelectedValuePath the display value is not properly updated.
  228. Fixed: DoubleInput control do not handle well the numeric decimal and group separator being the same
  229. Fixed: DateTimeInput when day of month is first entry does not allow entry of 31 if month already entered has less days
  230. Fixed: DateTimeInput inconsistently guesses two digit year input.
  231. Fixed: Fixed extension method SynchronizeWith so it works (and doesn't crash) with lists containing duplicate entries.
  232. Fixed: Ribbon Window Icon Separator to high up when Window is maximized
  233. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTreeNode where when creating new node in code it is not possible to make the node display column data. Fixed issue in ItemsCollection where the SortDescriptions property returns null under certain circumstances.
  234. Fixed: Ribbon Backstage popup menu closes when backstage tab empty area is clicked
  235. Fixed: Fixed ItemsControlDropHandler so if the destination items control is empty the drop adorner will be shown in all cases.
  236. Fixed: Fixed issues related to layout of groups in AdvGrid.
  237. Fixed: Fixing Metro Theme Explorer App in MetroOSSample so it displays correctly at high dpi. (theme color names weren't visible.)
  238. Fixed: Changed class AdvTreeDropHandler.DropData and GetDropData method from private to protected in case inheritors might find them useful.
  239. Fixed: Fixed null reference exception raised when dragging an item into an empty AdvTree.
  240. Fixed: Fixed bug in Grid where when there is a pinned column on the right, the last non-pinned column is not correctly positioned when the grid's scroll viewer's horizontal offset is at its maximum.
  241. Fixed: Fixed bug in Grid where columns with Starred width could end up with invalid actual width in certain circumstances.
  242. Fixed: Added ItemTemplate and SelectedValuePath properties to SelectorEditorSettings (used by AdvGrid and AdvTree.)
  243. Fixed: Fixed potential issue with row details when the details section is wider than all the columns combined the table's extent width was not being adjusted accordingly.
  244. Fixed: Fixed sorting issue in AdvTree where nodes which are not columned are sorted as if they were.
  245. Fixed: Fixed sorting issues in AdvTree where nodes deep in hierarchy sometimes not sorted.
  246. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid which could cause a property to be shown in the wrong category in certain circumstances.
  247. Fixed: Fixed in AdvGrid when grouping horizontal grid lines don't reach to grid's left edge.
  248. Fixed: AdvGrid: Fixed bug in extended selection in both AdvTree and AdvGrid where making selection with ctrl key pressed doesn't work correctly.
  249. Fixed: AdvGrid: Fixed bug where in some cases the intended editor is not loaded properly for cells in the first row.
  250. Fixed: AdvGrid: Improved background loading of non-virtualizing grid rows.
  251. Fixed: AdvGrid: Performance enhancement when the groups are changed.
  252. Fixed: Made it so AdvGrid's Items.CurrentItem property is updated to reflect the grid's ActiveItem.
  253. Fixed: Fixed bug in default numeric editor of PropertyGrid where the same property always changed when using spinner buttons, regardless of which property the spinners are for.
  254. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid where if a value is set in code on a given PropertyGridProperty property wrapper, the set value gets overwritten in certain circumstances.
  255. Fixed: Fixed bug causing null reference exception when editing tree node.
  256. Fixed: Added batched loading of nodes to AdvTree to improve load performance when not virtualizing.
  257. Fixed: Added more aggressive Timeline view update from the model
  258. Fixed: CalendarView Timeline for single user might not be updated because its measured size was not valid
  259. Fixed: NavigationPane when setting items through ItemsSource and using ItemTemplate does not populate Add/Remove popup menu correctly
  260. Fixed: Fixed built-in Enum Editor in PropertyGrid did not display items correctly when the Enum Type supported Flags.
  261. Fixed: Fixed bug in MetroControl where drag drop of tile could cause crash.
  262. Fixed: Fixed bug causing design time error in MetroSample.
  263. Fixed: Ribbon QAT context-menu test for duplicate items will not test by Command assigned to ButtonDropDown if command is null
  264. Fixed: Fixed bug causing design time error in MetroSample.
  265. Fixed: Fixed bug causing crash when a cell is loading if no Binding or BindingMemberPath is set on the ColumnDefinition which defines the cell.
  266. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree where if filter is applied reducing the number of items and the current horizontal offset ends up being greater than the number of items, no items are displayed.