DotNetBar for WPF Release Notes


  1. New: AdvGrid control added an advanced Grid control
  2. New: ColorPicker Dialog now does not include default window icon in top-left corner
  3. New: ColorItemSelector.ColorsDialogStartupLocation property added to specify color dialog startup location
  4. New: Added new behavior SliderBehavior.IsMoveToPointEnabled which does what Slider.IsMoveToPointEnabled does, but after moving value to point, captures the mouse so that while mouse is still pressed value can be changed by dragging. Now using this behavior in ColorControl and BrushControl for color sliders.
  5. New: Property grid, fixed bug causing InvalidCastException when attempting to set sub-property value on a property when that property value is null. When this occurs, an attempt is made to create a new item using the default constructor if there is one.
  6. New: PropertyGrid, added scroll viewer to the built-in selector editor.
  7. New: Added full support for Nullable properties in PropertyGrid and all built-in property grid editors.
  8. New: Added support for Nullables in EnumPicker.
  9. New: SplitPanel.MinimumDockWindowSize property added to suggest minimum size for the dock windows contained by this panel. Note that this is recommendation and due to constraint of the parent window size the minimum size might not be always obeyed.
  10. New: DockSite.MinimumDockWindowSize property added to suggested minimum size for the dock windows when resized. Note that this is recommendation and due to constraint of the parent window size the minimum size might not be always obeyed.
  11. New: MonthCalendarDayLabel.AutoToggle property added
  12. New: Added property MultiDayAppointmentsVisiblility to CalendarView control which makes it possible to hide the area at top of week view that is reserved for displaying multi day appointments.
  13. New: Added handling of PageUp, PageDown, Ctrl-Home, Ctrl-End to AdvTree. Added property CalculateFullExtentOnLoad to AdvTree (applied when VirtualizingMode != None). Fixed AdvTree so that when VirtualizingMode == None the entire tree is loaded at startup, and the full vertical extent is calculated appropriately.
  14. New: MonthlyRecurrence RepeatOnMonths property added for specifying the months on which appointments repeat
  15. New: TimelineRuler.SlotLabelShortDateFormat property added to specify the format for the timeline ruler slot label when period duration requires date format
  16. New: TimelineRuler.SlotLabelShortTimeFormat property added to specify the format for the timeline ruler slot label when period duration requires time format
  17. New: Added logic to prevent SelectedObjectsChanged event in PropertyGrid from firing twice when the underlying INotifyCollectionChanged collection fires CollectionChanged once when an item is removed and a second time when a new item is added, representing a single unit of work.
  18. New: Added SortByColumnRequested event to AdvTree and AdvTreeNode.
  19. New: Added AltImageSource property to MetroButton and MetroToggleButton which is used in place of ImageSource when Foreground is White.
  20. New: DockSite.CanAutoHideDockWindowPopup property added to control whether any open auto-hide dock window popups are automatically closed when their content loses input focus. You may set this property to false when showing modal dialogs and want to keep popup open.
  21. New: Added property PropertyItemContextMenu to PropertyGrid which provides a convenient way to customize or defeat the default property grid item context menu.
  22. New: Added TextBoxBehavior.RejectNonNumericValuesForType attached property which implements behavior for rejecting non-numeric input into text box. Hooked up the behavior to the default numeric editor in PropertyGrid and made accessible as an option.
  23. New: Added support for Nullable numeric value in property grid's numeric editor.
  24. New: Added optional parameter to PropertyGrid methods FindContainer and GetPropertyGridItems which causes method to block and wait for property item containers to be generated if they have not yet done so.
  25. New: MetroTile Adding Drag and Drop of tile from one page to another pages and to create new page.
  26. New: Added property IsLocked to PropertyGrid to enable explicitly making control read-only
  27. New: EnumPicker corner radius will by default take on the corner radius of the default button style
  28. New: Added support for attached property ControlBehavior.CornerRadius to EnumPicker.
  29. New: Added support for using DescriptionAttribute on enum value definitions to provide display names.
  30. New: Added default White background to PropertyGrid.
  31. New: Added CanHaveItems property to AdvTreeNode
  32. New: Added Refresh method on PropertyGridProperty and PropertyGridPropertyCollection to manually refresh property values from source (for when it is not possible to implement INotifyPropertyChanged on the source.)
  33. Fixed: Fixed bug in MetroShell where the content template of selected item was not being applied.
  34. Fixed: Fixed bug in CollectionEditor where the dialog allowed add/delete to a ReadOnlyCollection, which resulted in crash when clicking OK button. Affects PropertyGrid.
  35. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid causing Escape key to fail to revert user's changes. Also fixed at least one possibility for failure to commit the changes when user hits enter key.
  36. Fixed: Adding custom controls to Month CalendarView may generate an exception
  37. Fixed: Fixed bug in Metro where right clicking on a scroll bar caused a crash.
  38. Fixed: CalendarView Day/Week view day header label does not update background for current day instantly
  39. Fixed: Improved re-cycling of AppointmentView objects used to represent multi-day appointments in week view
  40. Fixed: Fixed: default enum editor in PropertyGrid always displays string for the zero value when enum type has Flags attribute.
  41. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid where a property's sub properties fail to load under certain rare conditions.
  42. Fixed: MetroShell was ignoring value of MetroBackstage.CloseOnClick property.
  43. Fixed: CalendarView.CurrentTimeMarkerVisibility does not update immediately in Month view
  44. Fixed: Ribbon does not show underscore character in title
  45. Fixed: Fixed issue in PropertyGrid where Brush editor width is unnecessarily clipped to width of the property grid when it is in popup mode. Made it so the Brush editor is full size when in popup mode, no matter what the size of the property grid itself.
  46. Fixed: CalendarView Day/Week views TimeRuler HourHeight property now updates in constructor to take in any changes to ScheduleSettings.TimeSlotSliceHeight
  47. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree where call to ExpandToLevel fails if the tree nodes have not yet been generated from the data items.
  48. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree which could cause CollectionView Filter to be applied on an item which is not member of collection in certain circumstances.
  49. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree that can cause crash when expanding a node containing columns and when expanded the node is not all visible.
  50. Fixed: Fixed issue where if an item is selected when it is removed from the Items collection, it remained referenced by selected items.
  51. Fixed: Fixed issue in AdvTree where selected node can steal keyboard focus away from another element on the window, such as a TextBox. When a node is selected, it now attempts to take focus only if keyboard focus is currently inside the parent tree.
  52. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree causing crash when filter is applied which filters out a currently expanded node.
  53. Fixed: Fixed bug in DragDrop causing drag adorner to be shown when no drag operation is in progress under certain circumstances. Occurred only when using a custom drag handler.
  54. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree resulting in failure to properly update vertical extent of scroll viewer when items are added to an expanded node - under certain circumstances.
  55. Fixed: Added ribbon check for BrowserInteropHelper.IsBrowserHosted when setting Window.WindowState
  56. Fixed: Fixed bug in node selection when selection mode is Extended.
  57. Fixed: Fixed bug in AdvTree causing column auto width to fail under rare condition.
  58. Fixed: Fixed bug which showed up in AdvTree where a Nullable property with value null is displayed as 0 if the null value was set by user edit.
  59. Fixed: Recurring Weekly appointment that spans midnight not generated for first recurrence after root appointment
  60. Fixed: Appointments in Day view under certain conditions may overlap
  61. Fixed: Fixed bug in EnumPicker which showed up when the enum is Flags and one of the values is "All". Display of checked values was not being properly updated.
  62. Fixed: Added additional support for ButtonDropDown.StaysOpenOnClick when on Backstage app menu
  63. Fixed: Fixed bug in MetroControl which was causing bindings set on FirstName and LastName properties to fail in certain cases.
  64. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid when setting value of property with the object that inherits from the base property type
  65. Fixed: Fixed bug in MetroControl which was causing bindings set on FirstName and LastName properties to fail in certain cases.
  66. Fixed: Moved logic for certain Bindings from Xaml to Code to silence runtime binding exceptions caused by WPF attempting to resolve binding source before constructing the visual tree.
  67. Fixed: Fixed drag and drop in the Metro start control
  68. Fixed: Moving Appointment in fixed calendar view size moves the appointment back 30 minutes
  69. Fixed: CalendarView month-view appointment resizing does not work correctly if end of appointment as at the beginning of the day
  70. Fixed: RibbonWindow might change state to Normal if it was Maximized while Popup is being displayed and title of window clicked.
  71. Fixed: Null reference exception might be thrown when Ribbon Backstage is open and Tab key is pressed multiple times
  72. Fixed: Fixed issue where tree doesn't update view properly when a Filter is applied to the Items collection.
  73. Fixed: Fixed bug where root lines are drawn for nodes with Visibility = Collapsed when the same node was visible on previous measure pass and is expanded with children.
  74. Fixed: Made it so Metro styles for common controls do not override styles defined at application level.
  75. Fixed: Fixed bug which was causing sample AdvTreeFromCode to crash on startup.
  76. Fixed: Fixed bug which caused PropertyGrid.GetPropertyGridItems(true) to sometimes exclude the first item.
  77. Fixed: Changed MetroControl.Title property from type string to object. Added property MetroControl.TitleTemplate
  78. Fixed: DockSite auto-hide panel has 2 px visible bounds when last DockWindow is docked
  79. Fixed: Fixed potential memory leak in TextBoxBehavior resulting from static event handlers for short lived elements.
  80. Fixed: Fixed bug showing up in AdvTree where if original source of a drag event is not a Visual or Visual3D a crash is possible.
  81. Fixed: Fixed bug in SelectableItem where KeyDown event involving Enter, Return or Space could cause IsSelected to be toggled off.
  82. Fixed: Fixed bug showing up in AdvTree where if original source of a drag event is not a Visual or Visual3D a crash is possible.
  83. Fixed: Right clicking Ribbon Application Menu button while expanded might trigger an exception
  84. Fixed: Fixed bug in EnumPicker where with multiple instances in same view displaying in ListBox mode using the default RadioButton based template for non-flag enumerated types the radio buttons in all instances shared the same group name.
  85. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid where the default radio buttons used in the toolbar of one property grid could affect the radio buttons in another property grid in the same application.
  86. Fixed: Fixed a null ref exception in AdvTree under certain conditions. Made it so that by default string properties do not show their sub property (which is the string's length) when the property grid's ShowSubProperties = true and ShowReadOnlyProperties = true.
  87. Fixed: Fixed bug where calling Reset on properties who's initial value is an illegal value when setting doesn't cause crash.
  88. Fixed: Removing owner from CalendarView.DisplayedOwners does not completely disconnect associated view which could cause problems if owner is later added again back to view
  89. Fixed: In PropertyGrid, now using CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture when converting input string to property value which prevents crash if CurrentThread.CurrentCulture has been set to something different from what is being used by WPF as its culture
  90. Fixed: Fixed null ref exception which showed up in custom Font editor in property grid sample.
  91. Fixed: Fixed property grid numeric editor so it honors StringFormat.
  92. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid i.e Reset does not work correctly.
  93. Fixed: Fixed bug in EnumPicker where DisplayValue is over written when explicitly set.
  94. Fixed: Fixed bug in DropDownButton where if Open and clicked on, drop down closes and reopens (affects a lot, including EnumPicker and Customize button in Metro QAT.)
  95. Fixed: Fixed bug in PropertyGrid where read-only properties fail to refresh their displayed value from the data source.
  96. Fixed: Fixed bug in CircularProgressControl where in Endless mode if IsRunning is set to true in Xaml, control fails to run.