DotNetBar for WPF Release Notes


  1. New: Circular Progress Bar Control Added
  2. New: Rating Control Added
  3. New: CalendarModel.FindOverlappingAppointments method added to return array of appointments that overlap parameter appointment
  4. New:
  5. New: CalendarModel.ContainsOverlappingAppointments method add to check whether model contains overlapping appointments for parameter appointment
  6. New: Editors ColorItemSelector control ColorItem.ColorPreview bubbling event added which is raised as mouse is moved over the colors. It can be handled on ColorItemSelector as such: de:ColorItem.ColorPreview="ColorItemColorPreview"
  7. New: CalendarView day/week view appointment right-hand padding returned
  8. New: Updated samples with links to new Quick Guides created
  9. New: Implemented sort by column in AdvTree
  10. New: Office 2010 Visual Styles added for common controls, see new VisualStyleDemo sample project
  11. New: SuperTabItem.HeaderText property added to specify the string representation of tab header to be used on control box menu when Header contains WPF content instead of plain text
  12. New: VisualStyleManager and VisualStyle Resources for CommonControls
  13. New: Added ComboBox Styling to AdvToolBar and setting up for custom DevComponents styling for ComboBox and ListBox.
  14. New: BrushControl a brush picker/creator control added
  15. New: AdvToolbar control sample added and AdvToolbar control
  16. New: PropertyGrid editor updates and updated PropertyGrid sample
  17. New: PropertyGrid selection editor for list of string values added
  18. New: PropertyGrid integer type property value editor added
  19. New: PropertyGrid double type value editor added
  20. New: PropertyGrid inline enum editor added
  21. New: PropertyGrid new Brush and Color built-in editor added
  22. New: CalendarHitTestResult.CustomItem property added to return custom item at tested point if any
  23. New: Support for nested/expandable properties greater than one level added
  24. New: New Default PropertyGrid style added
  25. Fixed: Fixing bug where common resources in Controls assembly were not loaded because Application.Current is null
  26. Fixed: CalendarView weekly recurrence on multiple selected days and repeat interval greater than one does not start correctly
  27. Fixed: IntegerInput, DoubleInput, DateTimeInput do not disable clear, up/down and drop-down buttons when IsReadOnly is set to true
  28. Fixed: Set binding for default AdvTree editor in code when column StringFormat is defined, so editor honors the format.
  29. Fixed: Fixed Popup positioning when FlowDirection is RightToLeft
  30. Fixed: Fixed PropertyGrid bug where when clicking inside Brush editor when it is positioned at bottom of category current selected item is changed to last item in category.
  31. Fixed: CalendarView monthly skipped recurrence might not be used depending on appointment end time
  32. Fixed: Closing last selected DockWindow and reopening different window from code does not update DockWindowGroup selected content and header
  33. Fixed: NavigationPane PaneItem logical parent is not set when item is created as container due to binding
  34. Fixed: RibbonWindow system menu shown when Window Icon is clicked has Size item disabled on Windows XP
  35. Fixed: DateTimeInput in 12 hour format will retain AM/PM designation when hour is changed by end-user
  36. Fixed: Hiding column fails to hide column cells.
  37. Fixed: AdvTree Unable to move columns in AdvTree sample
  38. Fixed: AdvTree occasional null ref exception when expanding node with columns
  39. Fixed: Changed how first appointment of weekly recurring appointment that spans multiple days is generated
  40. Fixed: DoubleInput when IsReadOnly is set to true does not lock the changes using up/down button or free-text edits
  41. Fixed: CalendarView.HitTest method generates an exception when view contains custom view items
  42. Fixed: CalendarView now set Height on TimelineView when ViewSize is set instead of MinHeight
  43. Fixed: Fix column sizing/resizing issues with starred AdvTree column widths