DotNetBar for WPF Release Notes


  1. New: Advanced Property Grid Control Added
  2. New: AdvTree now can display the horizontal grid lines through new properties HorizontalGridLineBrush, HorizontalGridLineVisibility and HorizontalGridLineHeight
  3. New: RibbonWindow does not position window icon correctly in Office 2010 style if WindowState="Maximized" is set in XAML
  4. New: Appointment.Visible property added to control whether appointment is displayed in User Interface views
  5. New: CalendarView.ViewDisplayCustomizations.MonthDayAppearances added to enable visual appearance customization of days in Month View
  6. New: EnumPicker control added for enumeration value selection
  7. New: Drag-Drop Component added to help you implement drag-drop in your applications with minimum code
  8. New: Drag and Drop framework samples added
  9. New: DevComponents.WPF.Controls added drag-drop reusable framework
  10. New: AdvTree added support for editor Validation and for Composite editors.
  11. New: EnumPicker control added for easy selection of enumeration values
  12. New: DateTimeInput.DropDownButtonContent property added so any content including images can be used on face of calendar popup button
  13. Fixed: AdvTree star column sizing might not resize columns correctly
  14. Fixed: CalendarView timeline scroll-bar does not scroll for right time amount if timeline slot duration is set to 1440
  15. Fixed: An exception might be generated when appointment is moved from day to day in week view
  16. Fixed: AdvTree might throw an exception when node is collapsed from code under certain conditions
  17. Fixed: Added AdvTree.BeforeSelected event which if Handled cancels the selection.
  18. Fixed: Improved CalendarView.SelectedAppointments updating
  19. Fixed: CalendarView Appointment might move inadvertently when its view is not completely visible and it is selected causing it to be scrolled into the view
  20. Fixed: CalendarView.SelectedAppointments collection is not updating when selected view changes
  21. Fixed: AdvTree fixed exception causing bug when adding node to empty parent node in an expanded event handler.
  22. Fixed: CalendarView in MonthView does not show whole month under certain conditions
  23. Fixed: Appointment drag in CalendarView might behave erratically when multiple owners are displayed and views are switched
  24. Fixed: AdvTree opening context menu causes cell/node edit to cancel.