DotNetBar for WPF Release Notes


  1. New: Advanced TreeView Control with multiple column, multiple selection, drag and drop support and much more. Please check out new samples.
  2. New: Ribbon Key-Tips support for TextBox control added so it gets focused when Key-Tip assigned to it is executed
  3. New: Appointment.ImageSource property added to specify image resource name to be displayed on appointment view
  4. New: Appointment.ImageAlignment property added to specify alignment of image in relation to the content
  5. New: RibbonWindow.CustomChromeEnabled property added to enable/disable custom chrome functionality provided by RibbonWindow
  6. New: Added spacing between Appointments in same line for Day and Week view
  7. New: AdvWindow limited support for DPI>100% and Window auto-sized based on content
  8. New: CalendarView.ScrollToTime calls will be dispatched automatically in Background to provide automatic workaround for cases when method is called but template of control has not been loaded yet
  9. New: Calendar Month View new appointment layout algorithm that should result in better vertical layout of multi-day appointments
  10. New: DragWindow class made public so drag preview window can be styled
  11. New: Made CalendarView.SelectedAppointments dependency property
  12. New: ICS (Internet Calendaring and Scheduling RFC5545) import/export support
  13. New: IntegerInput, DoubleInput when setting Value property from code MinValue and MaxValue are now enforced
  14. New: CalendarView.EndAppointmentDrag method added
  15. New: CalendarView.IsPeformingAppointmentDrag property added
  16. New: Improved appointment drag and move in day and week views
  17. New: CalendarView.TimelineViewToolTipEnabled property added
  18. New: CalendarView.WeekViewToolTipEnabled property added
  19. New: CalendarView.DayViewToolTipEnabled property added
  20. New: While appointment is being dragged or resized in UI by user setting AppointmentChangingRoutedEventArgs.StopAction=true in AppointmentChanging event handler will now revert the original appointment time
  21. New: DaySlotAppearances.Clear() method added to remove all view customizations.
  22. New: OwnersDaySlotAppearances.Clear() method added to remove all view customizations.
  23. New: Appointment.TimeMarkedAs now accepts ARGB string color representation to use as appointment timer marker background. For example you can set app.TimeMarkedAs = "#FF00FF00" to render appointment timer marker green.
  24. New: Appointment.CategoryColor now accepts ARGB string color representation to use as appointment background. For example you can set app.CategoryColor = "#FFFF0000" to render appointment background red.
  25. New: CalendarView allows marking of time-slots on day/week view using CalendarView.ViewDisplayCustomizations. See Knowledge Base WPF Schedule Quick Start Guide article for details and RibbonPad sample
  26. New: CalendarView Month view will show the button indicator when there are more appointments on a day than it can be displayed. Clicking the button will switch to Day view for that date to display all appointments.
  27. New: New appointment change type added eAppointmentChangeType.OwnerChanged which allows detection of owner changes on appointment in AppointmentView.AppointmentChanging and AppointmentView.AppointmentChanged events
  28. New: Bubbling event AppointmentView.AppointmentChanging event added which is fired while appointment is dragged and gives opportunity to cancel the change by setting AppointmentChangingRoutedEventArgs.Cancel=true
  29. New: Bubbling event AppointmentView.BeforeAppointmentDrag event added which is fired before appointment drag is initiated and gives opportunity to cancel the action by setting CancelableRoutedEventArgs.Cancel=true
  30. Fixed: Ribbon Gallery disabled scroll-bar background is hard coded so it cannot be customized. RibbonColors.GalleryScrollBarDisabledBackground introduced.
  31. Fixed: Ribbon Quick Access Toolbar popup menu label does not bind to color resource so it cannot be customized
  32. Fixed: Ribbon that is in collapsed mode and displayed on popup closes when scroll-button on gallery is used
  33. Fixed: Multiple instances of Ribbon in same application load the CommonStyle for each instance instead of once
  34. Fixed: DockSite layout serialization does not load floating dock window rectangle
  35. Fixed: DateTimeInput control with AutoAdvance=true changes input field when up/down buttons are used to change current value
  36. Fixed: CalendarView.DateSelectionChanged Event will now be fired only if DateSelectionStart and DateSelectionEnd have valid values
  37. Fixed: Improvements in AdvWindow when used with content auto-sizing on WPF 4.0
  38. Fixed: Setting ButtonDropDown.IsPopupOpen=true from XAML generates an exception
  39. Fixed: CalendarView.SelectedAppointments collection does not get updated under certain conditions
  40. Fixed: Improved daily recurrence for appointments spanning multiple days
  41. Fixed: Improvements in display time-zone for daily recurring appointments
  42. Fixed: CalendarView.AppointmentChanged Cancel=true does not restore owner if changed
  43. Fixed: CalendarView Weekly Recurrence generator might generate an appointment that appears to span multiple days if root appointment ends at the end of the day
  44. Fixed: Setting DockWindow.IsSelected property from XAML on document windows might out-dent the first dock tab
  45. Fixed: DockSite Dock-Hint Overlay Window Improvements for DPI greater than 100%
  46. Fixed: Ribbon in Office 2010 style with Icon visible might hide icon if empty QAT is moved below ribbon
  47. Fixed: CalendarView.ViewDisplayCustomizations.DaySlotBackgrounds has incorrect range checking for certain times
  48. Fixed: DateTimeInput does not enforce MaxDate value if control does not have input focus and up/down button is clicked to increase the input value
  49. Fixed: CalendarView Appointment Daily Recurrence with RepeateInterval>1 and occurring on week-days only is not generated correctly
  50. Fixed: CalendarView DayView might take long time to switch date if displayed date is set couple of years before from current date
  51. Fixed: Ribbon: Clicking button on popup menu from QAT while Backstage is open closes Backstage and does not click the button
  52. Fixed: CalendarView: More than 15 owners visible might generate an exception when view is switched to month view
  53. Fixed: DaySlotAppearances.Clear method might throw an exception
  54. Fixed: OwnersDaySlotAppearances.Clear method might throw an exception
  55. Fixed: Calendar Timeline View appointment move might start when mouse left button is pressed but mouse not moved if start time does not fall on timeline span
  56. Fixed: CalendarView.UserDateChanged event does not fire in Timeline-view
  57. Fixed: Docking control splitter position invalid when dock-window is docked to bottom and dragged out of bounds
  58. Fixed: Changing CalendarView.TimeSlotDuration does not update time ruler automatically
  59. Fixed: Ribbon Backstage tab is not sized correctly so it fits into the RibbonWindow when running with Windows themes with glass disabled
  60. Fixed: Workarounds included for some usage cases when ItemsControl.ItemsSource is used to bind actual items to the control. ItemsControl does not set logical parent in that case.
  61. Fixed: Improved Office 2010 Ribbon Window Icon Double-Click closing