DotNetBar for Windows Forms Release Notes


  1. New: AdvTree Cell.EnsureVisible method added to scroll cell into the view
  2. New: SwitchButton stand-alone control added
  3. New: SwitchButtonItem Switch Button control added to be used on Ribbon, Toolbars etc.
  4. New: iCal import/export added to Calendar/Schedule control
  5. New: Popup menu selects now first item when expanded using keyboard
  6. New: CheckBoxX.CheckSignSize property added to set size of check sign
  7. New: CheckBoxItem.CheckSignSize property added to set size of check sign
  8. New: AdvTree ColumnHeader.Width.AutoSizeMinHeader property added to specify that AutoSize=true columns must have at least column header text width
  9. New: DataGridViewX DotNetBar columns added "DisplayControlForCurrentCellOnly" property that will permit selective display of the control on a per grid column basis.
  10. New: AdvTree improved multi-selection rule when multiple nodes are selected and then single selected node is clicked without Shift or Ctrl key pressed
  11. New: Added BackgroundStyle property support to DataGridViewDateTimeInputColumn, DataGridViewDoubleInputColumn, and DataGridViewIntegerInputColumn
  12. New: ExpandablePanel.ExpandButtonAlignment property added to control alignment of expand button
  13. New: AdvPropertyGrid enabled Del key in text-box editor so it deletes single character
  14. New: Added CheckBoxX SqlBoolean value type support
  15. New: ButtonX.Paint event enabled
  16. Fixed: DataGridViewX extension cells Escape Key processing during cell edit is now consistent across all cell types.
  17. Fixed: DataGridViewX extension cell types no longer loose initial typed character when DataGridViewEditMode == EditOnKeystrokeOrF2.
  18. Fixed: Scrollable GalleryContainer now scrolls selected item into view if item is selected using keyboard
  19. Fixed: ComboBoxEx empty drop-down positioning fixed
  20. Fixed: IpAddressInput control does not fire ValueChanged event consistently
  21. Fixed: Numerous improvements to DataGridViewX column types
  22. Fixed: Docking Auto-hide panel for Bar controls with Office 2010 style renders in wrong color scheme
  23. Fixed: AdvTree nodes with mouse over style may not clear mouse over background completely, bottom 1 pixel left over
  24. Fixed: Office2007Form started minimized and hidden and then restored on Windows XP may generate an exception
  25. Fixed: Added support into DataGridViewComboBoxEx and DataGridViewMaskedTextBoxAdv to make allowances for older versions of Windows (Windows XP, etc) control display problems.
  26. Fixed: Changing DoubleInput.DisplayFormat does not update the internal numeric item layout when needed
  27. Fixed: Fixed a problem with DataGridViewCheckBoxXCell which could cause an exception when added as an unbound element.
  28. Fixed: Improvement in ComboBoxEx popup height when all items are removed after they were displayed on popup
  29. Fixed: ItemPanel scroll-bar gets incorrectly repositioned by Framework when auto-scale on form is enabled and higher DPI resolution is used
  30. Fixed: TextBoxX auto-sizing does not account for increased DPI setting
  31. Fixed: CalendarView Appointment time might be set to invalid time due to day-light savings time switch in recurring appointment
  32. Fixed: Fixed a problem with DataGridViewComboBoxExCell Tooltip values when bound to string data type.
  33. Fixed: CalendarView Yearly recurrence fixes related to range number of occurrences calculation
  34. Fixed: AdvPropertyGrid might show an exception when certain property values are changed
  35. Fixed: Fixed a problem where the CalendarView.SelectedOwnerIndex was not initially set to the proper default state for single user view displays. This caused a minor problem where it would not let the user set the DateSelectionStart and DateSelectionEnd until the view had been physically selected.
  36. Fixed: ColorPickerDropDown no-selection X draws 1 pixel out of bounds on bottom-right
  37. Fixed: Fixed non-drawing text issue with DataGridViewComboBoxEx cells when DropDownStyle is set to DropDownList.
  38. Fixed: Fixed / enhanced DataGridViewCheckBoxX to more properly handle both ThreeState and non-ThreeState processing with underlying boolean values.
  39. Fixed: Fixed an issue with DataGridViewIntegerInput when bound to short int's.
  40. Fixed: Included double-buffering for DataGridViewX
  41. Fixed: Included potential fix for QatCustomizeItem sometimes appearing on far right-hand side
  42. Fixed: LabelItem on Ribbon QAT on Windows XP might be positioned to low
  43. Fixed: AdvTree cell text-editor might expand beyond right edge of the control
  44. Fixed: AdvTree Node.EnsureVisible method might not scroll enough to show first node
  45. Fixed: AdvTree may generate an exception in designer if view is switched to tile and cells edited using collection editor
  46. Fixed: Numeric input control might align input part of control incorrectly if no button is visible
  47. Fixed: Fixed an issue where the YearView display might not always display that a given date has an associated appointment with it.
  48. Fixed: Office2007StartButton with BackstageTab assigned requires at least one item in SubItems collection to show Backstage menu
  49. Fixed: IpAddressInput control with AllowEmptyState=false requires all fields to be entered even though it shows 0 in some of them and they appear as being not empty
  50. Fixed: ItemPanel might generate an exception if its Style.BackColor.A<255 but color is not Color.Transparent and both scroll-bars are shown