DotNetBar for Windows Forms Release Notes


  1. New: Knob, dial control added
  2. New: CrumbBar.FindByName method added to look for items by name
  3. New: IntegerInput supports up/down value change buttons when in free-text mode
  4. New: Schedule Control: Week/Day AppointmentViews now have a minimum display height of 1 line.
  5. New: Localizable(true) to SuperTabControl/SuperTabStrip Font properties.
  6. New: CalendarView Appointments now can display images in appointment using Appointment.ImageKey and ImageAlign properties
  7. New: Tab grouping support to SuperTabControl via SuperTab.BeginGroup property.
  8. New: CalendarView.ShowOnlyWorkDayHours property added to permit the display of only WorkDay hours in the WeekDay view
  9. New: StyleManager beefed up registration/unregistration of controls in case it is used from multi-threaded environment
  10. New: CalendarView Added support for: CalendarView.TimeLinePeriodHeaderHeight CalendarView.TimeLinePeriodHeaderAlignment CalendarView.TimeLinePeriodHeaderEnableMarkup CalendarView.TimeLineRenderPeriodHeader
  11. New: AdvTree Cell.HostedItem will not receive MouseHover events
  12. New: CalendarView TimeIndicator support added. See:
  13. New: Added keyboard support to the CalendarView control (up, down, left, right, home, and end keys - plus all the shift and control modifier combination).
  14. New: AdvTree Cell.TextDisplayFormat property added to specify cell Text formatting for display purpose. Standard .NET formatting available. See:
  15. New: AdvPropertyGrid support for PasswordPropertyTextAttribute added
  16. New: AdvPropertyGrid.PasswordChar static property added to specify the password character for properties marked with PasswordPropertyTextAttribute
  17. New: CalendarView Added CalendarView.CategoryColors support. Complete custom color for appointments by setting Appointment.CategoryColor to string ID of color for appointment view defined in CalendarView.CategoryColors
  18. New: SuperTabControl Added SuperTabStrip and SuperTabItem level SelectionMarkerColor support.
  19. Fixed: ButtonItem.EnableMarkup does not get copied when Copy is used to make copy of the button
  20. Fixed: CalendarView: AppointmentView minimum height adjusted to avoid default TextRender clipping of text on appointments whose calculated height is less than the minimum.
  21. Fixed: Highlighter highlighting focused control might not work if highlight was not initially visible
  22. Fixed: Calendar/Schedule monthly recurring appointment on 31st day of the month now behave like relative last day of the month
  23. Fixed: CalendarView might generate an exception if it has one selected appointment and then shift-clicked on the schedule surface
  24. Fixed: IntegerInput when locked would allow value change using mouse wheel while in free-text entry mode
  25. Fixed: IntegerInput when locked would allow entry in free-text mode.
  26. Fixed: Highlighter might not show new highlight if there was no highlight visible on load
  27. Fixed: AdvPropertyGrid might not set the value of multiple selected objects when property type is complex type
  28. Fixed: SuperTabControl designer flashing when creating a new tab.
  29. Fixed: Fixed Highlighter control visibility issue with nested SuperTabControls.
  30. Fixed: MonthCalendarAdv Fix for the "Cannot remove or destroy inherited component" exception when control is on inherited form
  31. Fixed: MaskedTextBoxAdv throws an exception when only DropDownItems are added and DropDownControl is not set
  32. Fixed: Designer now correctly writes out SuperTabControl.ControlBox properties
  33. Fixed: TextBoxItem only when focused on menu will now raise Click event instead of item that has mouse over it
  34. Fixed: CalendarView WeekDay view might generate an exception if it is over-extended
  35. Fixed: DoubleInput with DisplayFormat=P might have actual value parsing issues
  36. Fixed: Fixed a multi-view Horizontal ScrollBar issue (Maximum / LargeChange).
  37. Fixed: Fixed an AllDayPanel scrollBar issue presented when the user would scroll to the bottom of the AllDayPanel and then resize the panel.
  38. Fixed: AdvTree.AllowUserToReorderColumns does not serialize in designer code properly
  39. Fixed: RibbonControl not releasing parent form event handler if parent control has changed.
  40. Fixed: GalleryContainer.ScrollDown method does not update scroll-bar
  41. Fixed: CalendarView fixed a crashing issue when one tries to drag around a CustomCalendarItem whose time length is zero
  42. Fixed: SuperTabControl Backstage SelectedItem arrow was inadvertently being drawn *after* PostRenderEvent time. This would prevent the user from over-writing the arrow rendering if he should so choose.
  43. Fixed: Included workaround for ButtonX where ProcessMnemonic is being called even when there is no Alt key pressed
  44. Fixed: SuperTabControl tab remains visible when Visible=false, then Visible=true but not selected
  45. Fixed: SuperTabControl fixed panel visibility issues
  46. Fixed: SuperTabControl does not initialize color schemes for all Office 2007/2010 colors