DotNetBar for Windows Forms Release Notes


  1. New: Office 2010 Beta Silver Style added to all controls that already support Office 2007 styling
  2. New: Windows 7 Style added to all controls that already support Office 2007 styling
  3. New: StyleManager component added with instance and static methods to manage current style and color tinting for controls that have Style=ManagerControlled
  4. New: DotNetBarManager.Float method added with number of overloads to encapsulate most common usage scenarios when floating dockable windows
  5. New: DotNetBarManager.Dock method added with number of overloads to encapsulate most common usage scenarios when docking
  6. New: SystemCaptionItem.CustomButtonSize property added to allow specification of custom size for system buttons
  7. New: DateTimeInput will now preserve time portion of the current Value when popup calendar is used to select the date
  8. New: NavigationPane.PanelPopupClosed event added which occurs when NavigationPane popup is closed
  9. New: AdvPropertyGrid.ExpandAllGridItems method add to expand all categories
  10. New: AdvPropertyGrid.CollapseAllGridItems method add to collapse all categories
  11. New: AdvPropertyGrid.RefreshProperties method add to reload all properties from selected object(s)
  12. New: WarningBox.WordWrap property added to control word-wrap for text
  13. New: AdvTree.Cell.TextMarkupEnabled property added to control whether cell renders/supports text-markup
  14. New: AdvPropertyGrid.PropertyValueChanging event added which occurs before value entered by the user is set on the property
  15. New: AdvPropertyGrid.GridLinesColor property added to control property grid lines color
  16. New: NavigationPane.OptionsDialogClosed event added which occurs after Options dialog which is used to customize control's content has closed by user using OK button
  17. New: AdvPropertyGrid.PropertyTree property added to expose reference to the internal toolbar control displayed above the property grid
  18. New: MaskedTextBoxAdv.ForeColor will be now also applied to internal MaskedTextBox control
  19. New: Added scrolling support for text-markup on internal PanelControl
  20. New: DotNetBarManager.ActiveDockContainerChanged event added which occurs when focused (active) DockContainerItem has changed
  21. New: DotNetBarManager.ActiveDockContainerItem read-only property added to track focused/active DockContainerItem
  22. New: Clicking any part of collapsed RibbonBar will not expand it to show popup
  23. New: Added support to Highlighter component when hosted on AutoSize=true forms with Padding set for docked content
  24. New: Added stand-alone color scheme setting for Slider control text label
  25. New: Added support for BubbleBar when hosted on a form that is parented to other control instead of being top-level or MDI Child form
  26. New: Highlighter.UpdateHighlights method added to manually update highlight display
  27. New: Added support for DotNetBar TabControl and WinForms TabControl handling for Highlighter component
  28. New: SuperValidator Required Field Validator when validating ComboBox now checks SelectedIndex property to validate selection
  29. New: RangeValidator will now recognize numeric values for range validation
  30. Fixed: Added workarounds for TextRenderer invalid text render/sizing when running on Windows XP
  31. Fixed: AdvTree scrollbars don't scroll far enough under certain conditions
  32. Fixed: ComboBoxEx does not sync the SelectedIndex when item is removed from Items collection above the selected item
  33. Fixed: Appearance improvements for popup Gallery sizing when BackgroundStyle border is set
  34. Fixed: AdvTree SelectionChanged event does not fire when second node is multi-selected
  35. Fixed: AdvTree scrolls to selected node if multi-selection is enabled and node out of selected node view is collapsed
  36. Fixed: Minimized MDI Child Office2007Form does not render caption correctly
  37. Fixed: Improved KeyTips rendering on Ribbon when ControlContainerItem is used.
  38. Fixed: Repeated calls to Highlighter.SetHighlightOnFocus(control, False) toggle highlight
  39. Fixed: AdvTree in multi-select node mode scrolls to the selected node when a node is expanded
  40. Fixed: AdvTree.ExpandButtonSize property cannot be reset to default value after its value is set to 0,0
  41. Fixed: CheckBoxItem might render as in pressed state if mouse is moved out of item bounds while left button is pressed
  42. Fixed: Office2010 style Ribbon without caption visible has about 20 pixels dead-spot on left side of application button
  43. Fixed: Office2007RibbonForm Improvements for DWM switching on Windows Vista only
  44. Fixed: RegularExpressionValidator does not respect ValuePropertyName if it is set
  45. Fixed: Improved rendering of Glass enabled Ribbon Window title text when form is maximized on Windows 7
  46. Fixed: SuperValidator does not respect HighlightColor set on each validator.
  47. Fixed: ButtonItem will now stop the pulsing if pulse was in effect while button layout has changed
  48. Fixed: AdvPropertyGrid.PropertyValueChanged event is reporting localized property name in event arguments instead of real property name
  49. Fixed: AdvTree might not highlight mouse over nodes when scrolled under certain conditions
  50. Fixed: Programmatically turning ON Windows Vista/7 Glass from third party application does not refresh the Office2007RibbonForm correctly
  51. Fixed: Collapsed RibbonControl with AutoSize=true might not show selected panel on popup with correct size
  52. Fixed: Highlighter might not highlight control in special circumstances
  53. Fixed: AdvTree node style with UseMnemonic=false does not resize the node with ampersand correctly
  54. Fixed: Enabled Paint event on AdvTree control
  55. Fixed: Cannot reset Highlighter.HighlightOnFocus property
  56. Fixed: Highlighter should hide control highlight if control is hidden
  57. Fixed: Improved highlighter border rendering when parent control has transparent background color
  58. Fixed: Updated Help file with reference for Highlighter and SuperValidator components