DotNetBar for Windows Forms Release Notes


  1. New: LayoutControl added. LayoutControl helps you create resolution and DPI independent user interface data entry forms. Please read:
  2. New: ComboTree added support for binding simple types (string, int etc.) in List<> through DataSource
  3. New: ColumnHeader.HeaderSizeChanged event will fire when column is auto-sized using mouse double-click
  4. New: Added horizontal Mouse Wheel scrolling to MetroTilePanel control
  5. New: SuperGrid: Added SuperGridGroupByWaterMarkText localization key.
  6. New: ButtonItem.AccessKeyEnabled which control mnemonic, access key processing for button only.
  7. New: Bar.ProcessMnemonics property added which controls mnemonic processing for whole Bar control.
  8. New: Added SuperValidator.DefaultErrorProviderHighlighterIconPadding property which specifies default ErrorProvider IconPadding when Highlighter is used with SuperValidator. Setting this property to 0 will allow you to set IconPadding for each control manually.
  9. New: KnobControl: Added KnobIndicatorPointerBorder properties.
  10. New: AdvPropertyGrid PropertySettings.TypeConverter property added to enable assigning custom TypeConverter for property.
  11. New: KeyboardControl.CaptionHeight property added which controls the height of the keyboard caption
  12. New: OfficeForm, MetroForm HideMdiSystemMenu property added, default value true, which hides the system MDI Child Menu
  13. New: Adding some Accessibility support to DockContainerItem
  14. New: SuperGrid: Added new property "EnableDiscreteBoundRows", which will permit individual bound IList rows to be of different base object types.
  15. New: ButtonItem and ButtonX SymbolColor added to specify explicit symbol color
  16. New: AdvTree.AllowExternalDrop property added to specify whether internal drag and drop accepts the nodes from other AdvTree controls.
  17. New: SuperGrid: Added user access to GridPanel GetEffectiveStyle method.
  18. New: SuperGrid: Added *minimal* support for data bound lists from a derived interface.
  19. New: Symbols updated and new added. Now there are 361 symbols included.
  20. New: RadialMenuItem support for Commands added
  21. New: RibbonControl.AutoUpdatePadding property added which indicates whether control automatically updates Padding property for the Ribbon and RibbonPanel based on style. Default value is true.
  22. Fixed: AdvPropertyGrid was removing custom set editors on properties if they internally use TextBoxDropDown control
  23. Fixed: SuperGrid caches the styles which causes its display not to reflect later StyleManager.ColorTint changes
  24. Fixed: MetroForm non-client area not refreshing when global style changes
  25. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a row updating issue when non-bound sub-rows were added to bound data rows.
  26. Fixed: Setting PageSlider.ScrollBarVisibility property before the control handle is created might cause scrollbar bounds to be incorrect and corrected only after the selected page or control size is changed
  27. Fixed: AdvTree Column Sorting under certain very specific use cases might end up in recursive calls to perform control layout
  28. Fixed: TextBoxX will not call ResetBackColor when FocusHighlightEnabled is set to False to reset the BackColor back to default
  29. Fixed: Double-click on Close button floats the Bar
  30. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an auto-sizing issue with bound, VirtualMode grids.
  31. Fixed: KeyboardControl will not explicitly process the keyboard hiding through touch using mouse events to avoid passing mouse message to any control underneath
  32. Fixed: SuperGrid when used with touch scrolling does not scroll all the way to the bottom of the grid under certain usage cases
  33. Fixed: SuperTabStrip: Fixed an issue where clearing all tabs would not clear/reset the currently active tab properly.
  34. Fixed: Fixing ListViewEx check-box position in Large Icon mode.
  35. Fixed: AdvTree.GridColumnLineResizeEnabled=true and GridLines=true does not allow the last column to be resized using grid-lines
  36. Fixed: SuperGrid: FilterPopup was not honoring user set ResizeMode for popup dropdown.
  37. Fixed: Improved CheckBoxX and CheckBoxItem text positioning when text spans multiple lines
  38. Fixed: Improved CheckBoxX and CheckBoxItem text positioning when text spans multiple lines
  39. Fixed: RangeSliderItem might not position the slide buttons correctly depending on the Minimum, Maximum settings in relation to the width of the control
  40. Fixed: GroupPanel under certain usage cases might force control Window Handle to be created too early
  41. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an InsertRow issue introduced in v11.4.0.1 where newly created/inserted DataRow in a DataTable would result in SetValue cast error (expected DataRowView, but given DataRow).
  42. Fixed: SuperGrid: Reconstituted OnlySendFinalRowActivatedEvents processing...
  43. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where resizing the GroupBy row to zero could cause an exception to be thrown.
  44. Fixed: SuperGrid: Bound VirtualMode grid filter text for FilterType of TextBox, now sets the expr to "*string*" - instead of "string*" to more closely match default LIKE processing for non-Bound / non-VirtualMode grids.
  45. Fixed: SuperGrid: Setting multi-level BindingSource would, under certain circumstances, cause the grid to unexpectedly hang.
  46. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed issue with OnlySendFinalRowActivatedEvents and sub-row selection.
  47. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed issue with processing CurrencyManager ItemMoved action
  48. Fixed: SuperGrid: Changed handling of GridImageEditControl LocationImage property to better permit external access.
  49. Fixed: ComboBoxEx watermark text renders without clear-type text under certain specific usage conditions
  50. Fixed: SuperGrid: Added row level derived interface support for List data sources.
  51. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where deleting the active row from the current active non-modal editor could result in an exception while processing the non-modal control deactivation.
  52. Fixed: AdvTree might scroll horizontally when child nodes are selected with specific configurations
  53. Fixed: SuperGrid: Setting TextRow's (Footer, Caption, etc) to null/empty will no longer hide the row - you must appropriately set the Visible property.
  54. Fixed: SuperGrid: Made change to numeric keypad processing to better handle foreign keyboard layouts.
  55. Fixed: ComboBoxEx with BackColor set and UseCustomBackColor=true does not render the custom back color in all use cases
  56. Fixed: GroupPanel border not rendering when localization sets Text from form constructor and forces the control handle creation too early
  57. Fixed: Improved AdvTree cell editing trigger when cell text is empty and image set