DotNetBar for Windows Forms Release Notes


  1. New: Range Slider control added which provides ability to select numerical range
  2. New: SuperGrid: Added GroupChanged event to signal when a panel's group list has been changed.
  3. New: Added ItemContainer.TitleVisible property to control TitleText visibility
  4. New: Added mini-markup text editor to the Text property for Command in VS.NET designer
  5. New: Bar.DoubleClickBehavior property added to specify the bar behavior when its title is double-clicked
  6. New: ItemDockContainer added to ItemPanel context menu so it can be added to ItemPanel in VS.NET designer
  7. New: SuperGrid: Added VirtualRowLoaded event, which is raised immediately after a virtual row has been loaded (either bound or unbound).
  8. New: SuperGrid: Added panel.NewRow method, which will create and return a new GridRow. The NewRow method creates all associated cells and initializes them to their default column values (the RowSetDefaultValues event is also raised for the row).
  9. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue with Cell Validation processing where the activating mouse down would initiate an repeat Cell validation call out.
  10. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where OnCellValidating would, under given conditions, throw an exception.
  11. Fixed: SuperGrid: Made change to attempt to circumvent apparent .net bug encountered rarely during TextBox Dispose.
  12. Fixed: No contrast between RibbonBar background and mouse over button in VS 2012 style
  13. Fixed: MonthCalendar Weekend.IsBold custom setting is not applied to weekend days on calendar
  14. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a focus issue present when launching a non-modal dialog/form from the CellValidating event.
  15. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a minor rendering issue where selecting an entire column would cause the column's filter panel to render selected - until another filter panel was selected.
  16. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a problem where duplicate rows would be added to the grid when adding rows via Ba indingNavigator.
  17. Fixed: SuperGrid: Group display was not being refreshed when the data source was changed while the data was grouped.
  18. Fixed: AutoHidePanel might show the fly-out over the Ribbon Backstage under certain timed scenarios
  19. Fixed: AutoHidePanel might show the fly-out popup under existing menu
  20. Fixed: AdvTree image TopCenter layout fixed when parts ordered vertically
  21. Fixed: CheckBoxX control when clicked using mouse might request focus twice which might lead to 2 Leave events on control that had input Focus are ordered vertically
  22. Fixed: SuperGrid: RowInfoClick event now processed appropriately.
  23. Fixed: Added check to ButtonX when SplitButton=true and Image is not set to raise Click event when text is clicked
  24. Fixed: Multi-selected nodes not firing SelectionChanged event after empty area of tree is clicked
  25. Fixed: DateTimeInput Year Selector on date selection popup might show up twice when used with keyboard Enter key
  26. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where the panel's ActiveRow was not properly reset during Rows.Clear processing.
  27. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue involving single-click edits on a sorted, modal column.
  28. Fixed: AdvTree SelectedNodes events firing adjusted
  29. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a problem caused by setting the check state of a row before the row was actually added to a panel.
  30. Fixed: ApplicationButton Backstage app menu might not hide active popups when opened through the code
  31. Fixed: RadialMenuItem.CheckedChanged event not firing when Checked property has changed