DotNetBar for Windows Forms Release Notes


  1. New: Multi-Column re-sizable drop-down feature added to ComboBoxEx. Simply set DataSource and DropDownColumns properties to enable the multi-column mode. Please see new MultiColumnComboBox sample app which shows most of the new options added.
  2. New: SuperGrid now supports Virtual Mode while data-binding which can be enabled for every type of supported bound data (IList, IListSource, IBindingSource, DataTable, DataSet). Simply set VirtualMode property and establish your DataSource and DataMember bindings as normal.
  3. New: TextBoxDropDown.AutoFocusDropDownControl property added to specify whether DropDownControl is automatically focused after popup is open
  4. New: Added AdvPropertyGrid PropertyNode.AfterEditorCreated delegate which is called after property editor is created and provides reference to created editor
  5. New: Reduced SuperGrid memory footprint in certain usage scenarios by 20%-30%
  6. New: SuperGrid: New - Added byte data can now be used with GridImageEditControl
  7. New: Added automatic disposal of nodes and any images that were loaded from DataSource when DataSource is changed on AdvTree and ComboTree controls
  8. New: PageSlider.MouseDragEnabled property added which indicates whether selected page can be changed by using mouse drag on PageSlider client area which is not covered by pages.
  9. New: Added nulrefexception checking to ItemPanel.ProcessShortcut method
  10. New: ComboTree adding getting of SelectedDisplayMember from data if column does not exists
  11. New: SuperGrid: PurgeDeletedRows now attempts to select the next "local" item when the ActiveRow is purged.
  12. New: SuperGrid: Horizontal scrolling support added for Right/Left/Tab/ShiftTab key events when SelectionGranularity is set to row.
  13. New: Added code to check framework private ValidationCancelled property on CheckBoxX before its checked to cover case when validation is canceled
  14. New: SuperGrid: Added EnsureVisibleAfterGrouping property to control whether the current active row is made on-screen visible after a grouping operation.
  15. New: CalendarView: Added MonthViewHorizontalPadding and TimeLineHorizontalPadding properties, which can be used to control the horizontal padding between appointments in the respective views.
  16. New: - Added MetroTileItem.NotificationMarkOffset property to control offset of notification mark from its original position
  17. New: - Added ButtonItem.NotificationMarkOffset property to control offset of notification mark from its original position
  18. New: PageSlider.TouchEnabled property added which controls level of touch behavior for the control
  19. New: SuperGrid: Grid will now automatically reset the rejected row's RowDirty marker when a DataSet AcceptChanges or RejectChanges is performed.
  20. New: SuperGrid: New. Added ClearDirtyRowMarkers method to clear each row's RowDirty flag.
  21. New: SuperGrid: New. Added TextAlignment and AllowWrap properties to RowHeader text display.
  22. New: DataGridViewX.UseCustomBackColor property added
  23. New: ComboTree.PopupLocation property added
  24. New: ImageTextSpacing property added to LabelItem and LabelX
  25. New: ComboTree.EnterKeyTogglesPopup property added
  26. Fixed: Fixed ButtonX rendering round corner issue when in Metro style and mouse is over the button
  27. Fixed: MicroChart might generate an error if first/last/high point color is set and there is no data in chart
  28. Fixed: Stop MetroTileItem from frame rotation at design-time
  29. Fixed: MicroChart might generate an error if first/last/high point color is set and there is no data in chart
  30. Fixed: Fixed an issue in Highlighter component where highlights were not showing up initially under certain conditions
  31. Fixed: IntegerInput might raise an exception if ValueObject is set to null and in ValueChanged event one of the buttons is hidden
  32. Fixed: SuperGrid: PreRenderRow(RenderParts.Background) is now raised prior to cell rendering.
  33. Fixed: ComboTree with certain Metro styles and data-binding might not show the selected node text if not focused
  34. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where pressing the Escape key, when there was no cancel button present on the form, would cause an exception.
  35. Fixed: SuperGrid: Initial scrollbar parameters were not being set correctly on initial display when grid was in Metro slide.
  36. Fixed: SuperGrid: SelectAll() was selecting 1 too many rows when TopLeftHeaderSelectBehavior was set to SelectAllRows.
  37. Fixed: SuperGrid: ExpandItemTree and Filter scanning now honor GridGroups.
  38. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a row sorting issue following the addition of a bound data items.
  39. Fixed: DataGridViewX: Fixed an issue with int ValueMember support in DataGridViewComboBoxEx.
  40. Fixed: ItemPanel does not consider padding/margin set on background style when calculating scroll-bar visibility
  41. Fixed: Added AdvTree.ColumnHeader mouse over handling + updated bounds to include column-resize space
  42. Fixed: - Removed Graphics.Clear method usage from RibbonForm to avoid .NET Framework bug
  43. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an exception caused by raising the FilterOpening event when invoked for panel level (non-column based) filtering.
  44. Fixed: LabelItem with text-markup and Symbol set might cut off last text letter
  45. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a .Net anomaly with respect to rendering single pixel border rects.
  46. Fixed: SuperGrid: Escape key processing now honors form level cancel button.
  47. Fixed: ComboBoxEx prevent font text draw clipping based on height
  48. Fixed: RibbonTabItem with Symbol set and text visible cuts of last text character
  49. Fixed: Radial Menu Circular Menu type needs Text set to position image correctly