DotNetBar for Windows Forms Release Notes


  1. New: Added brand new Radial Menu control.
  2. New: Added Notification Mark feature to MetroTileItem tiles which allows showing of a simple notification mark on top of the tiles. NotificationMarkText, NotificationMarkColor, NotificationMarkPosition and NotificationMarkSize properties control this new feature.
  3. New: Added Notification Mark feature to ButtonItem buttons which allows showing of a simple notification mark on top of the button. NotificationMarkText, NotificationMarkColor, NotificationMarkPosition and NotificationMarkSize properties control this new feature.
  4. New: New DotNetBar Samples Explorer design
  5. New: Added RibbonForm, OfficeForm, MetroForm RenderFormIcon and RenderFormText properties to hide icon and text when they are set through Icon and Text properties on form which allows preserving of information displayed in Windows task-bar but does not show icon and text on the form
  6. New: Added BackgroundImageUnderCaption property to RibbonForm to enable pull-up of background image so it goes under the form Caption as well
  7. New: SuperGrid: Added default support for char data type (values 't','f','y','n','0','1') to GridCheckBoxXEditControl and GridSwitchButtonEditControl.
  8. New: KeyboardControl.HitTest method added to retrieve Key at specified client coordinates
  9. New: KeyboardControl.SendingKey and KeySent events added. SendingKey occurs before key is sent to target and allows cancellation, KeySent occurs after key is set to target control.
  10. New: TouchKeyboard.SendingKey and KeySent events added. SendingKey occurs before key is sent to target and allows cancellation, KeySent occurs after key is set to target control.
  11. New: Updated AdvTree Metro style selection colors
  12. New: ContextMenuBar improvement when showing context menus for child controls inside of panel which also has context menu set
  13. New: Added EffectiveStyle property to MetroTileFrame so current tile colors can be accessed when TileColor property is set to use pre-defined colors
  14. New: SuperGrid: Added LocalizationKey "SuperGridFilterHelpTitle". LocalizationKeys.SuperGridFilterSampleExpr will now accept plain text as well as RichTextFormat text.
  15. New: SuperGrid: Added FilterHelpOpening and FilterHelpCloseing events (events raised when user opens or closes the filter expression sample help window).
  16. New: SuperGrid: Added GridPanelStyle properties "HeaderHLinePattern" and "HeaderVLinePattern" (Horizontal and Vertical LinePatterns, respectively).
  17. New: Changed MicroChart to mark last High Point instead of first
  18. New: SuperGrid: Added GridPanel.SortUsingHiddenColumns property to indicate whether hidden Columns are used when sorting grid data (default is false).
  19. New: Added mouse drag scrolling to ItemPanel, MetroTilePanel client area when empty area of ItemPanel or MetroTilePanel is dragged
  20. New: PageSlider.PageMouseDragEnabled property added to control whether mouse dragging of the page client area results in moving of the page and initiates potential page selection change
  21. New: Added ComboTree popup closing and opening when Enter key is pressed
  22. New: SuperGrid: Added code to keep newly inserted data bound rows sorted (when KeepRowsSorted == true).
  23. New: KeyboardControl.KeyboardClosing and KeyboardClosed events added
  24. New: SuperGrid: Added new AutoSelectDeleteBoundRows property to control whether the grid will automatically select the next positionally available row following a bound data row deletion.
  25. New: SuperGrid: ModifierKeys are now supplied in the GridPreviewKeyDownEventArgs for the GridPreviewKeyDown event.
  26. New: Added ComboTree.DisabledBackColor property to enable specification of disabled back color for the control
  27. New: Added Symbol support to LabelItem and LabelX controls
  28. New: SuperGrid: Added GridComboTreeEditControl support.
  29. New: Changed how AdvPropertyGrid.GetPropertyNode searches for property by name. Now real property name is queried instead of localized or customized property name
  30. New: Added Symbol support to MetroTileItem. New properties: Symbol, SymbolSize and SymbolColor added. Symbol when set overrides the Image setting.
  31. New: Added MarkupLinkClickEventArgs to TitleTextMarkupLinkClick event so markup link click handlers get more data about source of click
  32. New: When ColorPickerDropDown.AutoCollapseOnClick is set to false and color selected on its popup now popup will be kept open
  33. New: SuperGrid: CopySelectedCellsToClipboard now more uniformly handles non-visible columns.
  34. New: SuperGrid: NonModal edit controls are now deactivated when their associated row is deleted.
  35. New: SuperGrid: GetGroupId event now provides associated group column.
  36. New: SuperGrid: RowActivating now called when row changes occur via keyboard interaction.
  37. New: SuperGrid: EndCurrentEdit now selectively called when cell value set.
  38. New: SuperGrid: GridDateTimePickerEditControl change to permit check state control during BeginEdit callout.
  39. New: ButtonItem.MarkupLinkClick event added
  40. New: - TextBoxX.AutoSelectAll property added to auto-select all text when text-box gets input focus
  41. New: - Line end and start cap with cap sizing functionality added
  42. New: SuperGrid: Added support for Group header row size set to 0.
  43. New: SuperGrid: Added Filter.ActivateFilterEdit(GridColumn column) to enable programmatic activation of the specified column's Filter Edit control.
  44. New: SuperGrid: Added gridPanel.ActivateFilterPopup(GridColumn column) to enable programmatic activation of the specified column's FilterPopup.
  45. New: SuperGrid: Added gridColumn.ActivateFilterPopup() to enable programmatic activation of the column's FilterPopup.
  46. New: SuperGrid: Added IsActiveCell property.
  47. New: Event Source added to Value Change events on SliderItem
  48. New: TouchKeyboard.ShowKeyboard method added to programatically show touch keyboard
  49. New: Added ItemPanel.BeforeItemDrag event which fires before drag-drop operation is started and allow cancellation
  50. New: MetroTilePanel now observes CanCustomize property on items before drag-drop operation is initiated
  51. New: Improved TimeSelector sizing so it lines up when displayed next to MonthCalendar when font size is increased for both
  52. New: SuperGrid: Added editor and render params support to the GetEditor and GetRenderer events.
  53. New: SuperGrid: Added new GetGroupId event that is raised when the grid is performing a grouping operation on an element. This event can be used to group dissimilar (or similar) items into user specified/defined groupings.
  54. New: SuperGrid: Added GridContainer.SetActive(select) and GridCell.SetActive(select), which will clear all current selections and select the associated element, if 'select' is true.
  55. New: ToastNotifications: Allow indefinite toasts that must be manually closed when timeout is set to zero
  56. New: SuperGrid: Deactivation of the InsertRow will now raise the RowSetDefaultValues event with the NewRowContext set to DeactivateRow. This will more easily permit the user to set (or reset) the InsertRow values upon entry and exit as needed.
  57. New: SuperGrid: Regex processing of double-quote literal is now supported. (ie. Regex Filtering for \").
  58. New: SuperGrid: Added GridCell.InvalidateStyle() to permit user invalidation of cached cell style(s) when neither the cell Value nor effective Style properties have changed.
  59. New: ToastNotification.Close method added to close all or specific toast notifications
  60. Fixed: SuperGrid: GridSwitchButtonEditControl was not returning proper state when OffValue property was set by user.
  61. Fixed: SuperGrid: GridCheckBoxXEditControl was not returning proper state when CheckValueUnchecked property was set by user.
  62. Fixed: SuperGrid: GetDeletedRows was erroneously returning the selected rows collection.
  63. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a GridComboBoxExEditControl problem causing the control to not support ValueMember types other than string. As a result, the virtual GetValue routine has been changed to return an object instead of a string. *** NOTE *** THIS IS POTENTIALLY A BREAKING CHANGE if you have created your own GridComboBoxExEditControl and have overridden this method. SuperGrid: Change to last released version to rectify mouse event issues following interaction with right-click presented dialog, disabled functionality of GroupBy drag and drop. Functionality has been restored.
  64. Fixed: Added workaround to MessageBoxEx for WinForms bug when dialog is shown from Validated event and control on dialog is Select()
  65. Fixed: SuperGrid: ColumnResized event is now raised when columns with ColumnAutoSizeMode == Fill are resized.
  66. Fixed: SuperGrid: Style BorderPattern properties are now "Applied" from outer styles.
  67. Fixed: SuperGrid: Added ColumnHeader Border pixel tweak.
  68. Fixed: SuperGrid: AutoGenerateColumns now defaults the column editor display format to 'G' for data types Int64 and SqlInt64.
  69. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a ValueMember display issue with GridComboTreeEditControl.
  70. Fixed: SuperGrid: GridCheckBoxXEditControl no longer resets the underlying CheckBoxX Text property during InitializeContext invocation - it is now done only in the Constructor.
  71. Fixed: SuperGrid: Tweaked text sizing for more precise wrapping bounds.
  72. Fixed: Restoring Shift+F10 keyboard support in ContextMenuBar
  73. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where resetting the ColumnAutoSizeMode from "Fill" to "None", with the DefaultRowHeight = 0, would result in the grid not recalculating the appropriate new row heights for rows that contain cells with text that wraps.
  74. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed some style issues dealing with ColumnHeader "separator lines" and borders.
  75. Fixed: Fixed an issue with client mouse scroll scrolling content when not needed
  76. Fixed: SuperGrid: CopySelectedCellsToClipboard was not properly delimiting hidden cell data when FullCopy was set to true.
  77. Fixed: LabelItem or LabelX might generate an exception when text-markup and Symbol are used together
  78. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where the grid would not recognize manual user sorting of bound list. (HelpSpot #17385)
  79. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a recently introduced issue where shift+(Up/Down,etc) would not select multiple elements as designed.
  80. Fixed: SuperGrid: Restored TabSelection.Control functionality.
  81. Fixed: Fixed issue in MetroTileItem when Symbol is set and ImageTextAlignment changed from default
  82. Fixed: SuperGrid: Adding rows to currently grouped data no longer raises "Row already member of..." exception (recently introduced). SuperGrid: Filter dialogs "OK" button default text is now "OK" instead of "Ok".
  83. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where the RowClick event would not be raised following right mouse activation of a context menu. SuperGrid: Custom Filter dialogs now have their relational z-order properly set.
  84. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed exception raised on grid selection when BindingNavigator, due to filter constraints, has placed row position out of range of the grid.
  85. Fixed: SuperTabControl some improvements for internal tab-strip layout on initial load
  86. Fixed: ComboBoxEx Font Selector drop-down font rendering improved on DPI>96
  87. Fixed: Improved SuperTabControlPanel child control layout when Anchor is used on child controls and DPI>96
  88. Fixed: SuperTabControl: Fixed a refresh issue present when there were no selectable tabs present.
  89. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a FullIndex property issue that would result in mismatched delete statuses when deleting nested grid panels.
  90. Fixed: Setting ComboTree.Enabled property to false and then changing selected node might leave previously selected node disabled.
  91. Fixed: PageSlider does not update internal panels layout after panel is removed
  92. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a parent/child relational issue where the child relation might be dismissed on rebinding.
  93. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a GridNumericUpDownEditControl sizing issue when the min/max values were at their maximums.
  94. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue dealing with user defined enum object types and the GridComboBoxExEditControl (ref. HelpSpot #17277)
  95. Fixed: SuperTabControl: Closing the last available tab on the tabstrip was not permitting the tab itself to be released.
  96. Fixed: SuperGrid: Context menu shortcut key are now honored.
  97. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where deleting multiple list datasource items would not always be reflected back in the grid.
  98. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where the selection highlighting of nested rows might not be refreshed on-screen properly when deselected.
  99. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where clearing a bound data source and adding subsequent rows, while user has suspending context binding, would result in the first record being added twice.
  100. Fixed: SuperGrid: Attempting to add the same Row object to multiple Rows Collections will now result in a thrown exception.
  101. Fixed: SuperGrid: SuperGrid.ActiveCell was incorrectly being set when Row-Level SelectionGranularity was set.
  102. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where setting the DataConnection was failing when attempted before the form's BindingContext was established.
  103. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a GridComboBoxExEditControl issue where the EditorValue was not being properly returned in all ValueMember/DisplayMember cases.
  104. Fixed: CalendarView: Fixed a Week/Day View issue where changing a visible appointment to multi-day would leave a copy of the view in the non-multi-day presentation.
  105. Fixed: Improved Line caps appearance when line thickness is greater than 1 or line is aligned to top or bottom
  106. Fixed: ItemPanel binding to empty data source might generate an exception if SelectedIndex property is changed
  107. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue with DataRowView bound data sources not being processed properly when inserting rows.
  108. Fixed: Adjusted KeyTips showing for Backstage tab when initially showing KeyTips while app-menu is open
  109. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an alignment issue present in VirtualMode for cells whose Editor/Render content does not fully occupy the cell area.
  110. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed recently introduced mouse cell highlighting issue.
  111. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where inserting a row into a bound DataSource would not take grouped rows into account.
  112. Fixed: SuperGrid: Data binding change to better support linked BindingSources.
  113. Fixed: SuperGrid: GridSwitchButtonEditControl now, by default, utilizes StyleManager.
  114. Fixed: LabelItem with Metro style might use wrong text color when on toolbar
  115. Fixed: Ribbon Backstage tab sizing improved so right and bottom most pixels are not lost after form is restored from maximized state and backstage was open in maximized form state
  116. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a Filtering issue where the current row "Expanded" filter criteria, following a cell edit, would incorrectly be applied to the root items.
  117. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where the row's RowIndex value was not yet updated during RowSorted callout.
  118. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a refresh issue that would occur under certain circumstances involving multi-select cell deselection via the shift key.
  119. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a parsing issue related to RegularExpression filtering and escaped, quoted strings.
  120. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a problem where, under certain circumstances, the current ActiveRow was not being properly reset when the Rows collection was cleared.
  121. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an WildCard issue with filter processing.
  122. Fixed: SuperTabControl: Auto-TabSelection was selecting a new tab when *any* tab was hidden (or disabled) - instead of just for the selected tab.
  123. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a a timing issue where the current rendering control object could become invalid if the user is resetting the render control during cell activation.
  124. Fixed: TextBoxDropDown might display popup control in wrong location first time control is shown
  125. Fixed: SuperGrid: GridDateTimePickerEditControl was erroneously always returning the "short" formatted date for EditorFormattedValue.
  126. Fixed: AdvTree with StretchToFill column and hosted item in last column might not update the last column position when size of the tree has changed
  127. Fixed: Fixing Office 2010 Black color scheme Ribbon Tab Text when on Glass
  128. Fixed: SuperGrid: Restored setting ActiveCell for all SelectionGranularity modes, not just Cell.
  129. Fixed: CalendarView: Added code to honor suspended base output.
  130. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a recently introduced issue where Row level SelectionGranularity could be 'compromised' when cells were attempted to be selected via the user.
  131. Fixed: SuperTabControl: Making the selected tab non-visible will now auto-select the next available visible tab.
  132. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where initiating a cell edit in the InsertRow would, upon creation of a new temporary InsertRow, select the entire editing row.
  133. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where SelectAll could attempt to select an n + 1 extended range of values.
  134. Fixed: SuperGrid: Re-fixed GridDoubleInputEditControl and GridIntegerInputEditControl processing of FreeTextEntry exiting keys (enter, tab,...). Last change worked on initial cell change, but not on repeated changes.
  135. Fixed: RichTextBoxEx requires to Tab key presses to enter it