DotNetBar for Windows Forms Release Notes


  1. New: Toast Notifications through ToastNotification class added to display simple non-interactive toast notification to end-user. Please see ToastNotification sample for demo and how-to use this functionality.
  2. New: Line a simple horizontal or vertical line control added
  3. New: SuperGrid: Added Panel, Column, and Cell level "AllowEdit" property, which will control whether the associated Cells can be edited or not. For example, setting column.AllowEdit = false, will cause the grid to display the column cells as normal, but will not permit the user editing of the cell values contained in the column.
  4. New: SuperGrid: EnableSelectionBuffering property added to control whether buffering of element selection is enabled or not. The default is true. Setting this to false will result in a SelectionChanged event being raised immediately after a new selection is performed.
  5. New: SuperGrid: Regex filter errors (eg. specifying an incomplete set) would present multiple error dialogs until the complete expression was entered - this has been eased.
  6. New: SuperGrid: GetEffectiveStyle(GridColumn column, StyleState cellState) promoted to public.
  7. New: Added ComboItem.Value property
  8. New: SuperGrid: Support added for sorting Int16 data type data.
  9. New: Added German Umlaut support for accelerator keys used on context menus created with ContextMenuBar
  10. New: Make TabStrip close buttons stay on same place on tabs when selected tab font is used and close button displayed on right
  11. New: SuperGrid: FreeTextEntryMode now supported in GridIntegerInputEditControl and GridDoubleInputEditControl editors.
  12. New: SuperGrid: Promoted GetEffectiveStyle(StyleType type) to public.
  13. New: SuperGrid: Better support for AutoSelectNewBoundRows.
  14. New: SuperGridControl.VScrollBarVisible and HScrollBarVisible properties added which control whether scroll-bars are shown when needed
  15. New: SuperGrid: Added FilterLevel.RootConditional (Root level data filtered conditional upon Rows collection being empty) and FilterLevel.AllConditional (All data filtered, Root level data conditional upon filtered Rows collection being empty).
  16. New: SuperGrid: Added CloseEdit event, which will be raised after a cell edit operation has fully ended and has been closed.
  17. New: Added height attribute to specify height and bgcolor attribute to specify background color for div text-markup element
  18. New: SuperGrid: CopySelectedCellsToClipboard() now accepts an optiona parameter specifying whether to perform a full copy of the column data (true is the default). If true, all column cell data will be copied. If false, all cell data prior to the actual selected data, will be ignored.
  19. New: SuperGrid: Filter tokenizer will now give precedence to function names instead of column names when the names conflict (eg. when Column named "Date" conflicts with function "Date").
  20. New: SuperGrid: Added GridPanel.AutoSelectNewBoundRows property, which will control whether newly added rows in a bound data source will automatically be selected by the grid. The default is "true".
  21. New: SuperGrid: Added GridPanel.ShowWhitespaceRowLines to enable/disable rendering of row lines in the whitespace area of the grid (area after the last visible column).
  22. New: MetroTileItem.ImageIndent not consistently applied
  23. New: AdvTree.PaintDragDropInsertMarker property added which indicates whether drop marker is displayed during drag-drop operation.
  24. New: Update hidden control bounds if SlidePanel.IsOpen=false and SlideSide property has changed
  25. New: TextBoxItem.TextBoxHeight property added to explicitly specify text-box height
  26. New: TaskDialogInfo.TopMost property added to specify that TaskDialog should be TopMost
  27. Fixed: SuperTabControl: Designer verbs NextTab and PrevTab now work properly.
  28. Fixed: SuperGrid: GridTextBoxDropDownEditControl now honors SYSTEM presented dropdown popup.
  29. Fixed: Rating control and item got new NumberOfStars property which specifies number of stars used on the control
  30. Fixed: SuperGrid: Deleting rows via pressing the delete key, would suspend grid updates (to coalesce updates). This would cause update problems if the user launched display items in the RowDeleting callout event (such as presenting a MessageBox to confirm delete).
  31. Fixed: SuperGrid: AutoScrolling was not being disabled in certain circumstances.
  32. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a problem where Grid indicees were not being updated under certain circumstances, causing various anomalies.
  33. Fixed: SuperGrid: Exiting a FreeTextEntry edited cell is now more generally handled in order to catch all exit conditions (enter, tab, shift-tab, etc).
  34. Fixed: SuperGrid: Grouping now honors RowHeaderIndexOffset.
  35. Fixed: SuperGrid: Hidden columns would not have their headers sized properly when added to the GroupByRow.
  36. Fixed: SuperGrid: Pending selection events are now sent prior to beginning a requested edit.
  37. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a problem where pressing the Enter key, when editing a GridDoubleInputEditControl or GridIntegerInputEditControl cell with FreeTextEntry enabled, would result in the edited value reverting to the previous cell value.
  38. Fixed: NavigationBar might not update its size correctly when one of the hidden items is shown
  39. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a grouping indent issue present when grouping columns are not visible.
  40. Fixed: SuperGrid: The InsertRow did not reflect newly added columns to a panel after the InserRow had been created.
  41. Fixed: SuperGrid: Recent perf changes introduced a style issue after the data had been sorted.
  42. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where the underlying dataset child relations were not being honored when the DataSource was set to BindingSource.
  43. Fixed: Added auto-lineup for the Symbols on popup menus that have different widths
  44. Fixed: AdvTree might not reset horizontal scroll position if horizontal scroll-bar is removed due to control width change
  45. Fixed: SuperGrid Column DefaultNewRowCellValue might get improperly serialized by VS.NET and cause an exception. Added workaround.
  46. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a perf introduced sizing issue with RowHeight == 0 and column mode set to autofill.
  47. Fixed: RibbonForm might not restore when maximized on Windows 7 and its caption is dragged down
  48. Fixed: Ribbon in Office 2013 style when Backstage App Menu is open might move the form caption from its original position
  49. Fixed: SwitchButton.ValueChanging event Canceling leaves rendering artifacts
  50. Fixed: Dockable Bar might not take the Metro setting when re-docked in all cases
  51. Fixed: Dialog shown while Metro Backstage is shown might be unresponsive to mouse input
  52. Fixed: SuperGrid: Performance tweaks.
  53. Fixed: SuperGrid: GetRowHeaderStyle event is now raised.
  54. Fixed: Fix for Backstage first tab panel displaying in incorrect position under certain usage conditions
  55. Fixed: Attempt to resolve flashing of title bar when backstage is open and application deactivates
  56. Fixed: Made it so buttons with FixedSize keep their size if Bounds are set externally
  57. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a DataSource issue introduced during the support addition for BindingSources with their DataSource set to another BindingSource.
  58. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a Filter Evaluation issue with early-out evaluation processing (would present as "Stack Empty" error).
  59. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a 64bit issue where SendInput call was not succeeding when user pressed key to initiate edit on a cell.
  60. Fixed: SuperGrid. VirtualMode measuring would, under certain circumstances, attempt to retrieve a virtual row even when the row count was zero, causing a potentially invalid cached row zero.
  61. Fixed: SuperGrid. Setting a column's SortDirection was not invalidating the column header (in order to immediately reflect the change).
  62. Fixed: Changing StyleManager.ColorTint minimizes and restores RibbonForm if it has glass enabled
  63. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where clicking in the content area of a currently editing SingleClick cell, yet outside the editable text area, would can a "Modal Cell edit is already in process" exception to be raised.
  64. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where setting a column's DisplayIndex would not always order non-DisplayIndex-set columns properly.
  65. Fixed: Improved MessageBoxEx height on Windows 8 due to SystemInformation.FrameBorderSize being incorrectly reported
  66. Fixed: AdvTree does not generate NodeDoubleClick event if mouse is double-clicked outside of real node display bounds and SelectionBoxStyle is set to eSelectionStyle.FullRowSelect
  67. Fixed: Metro color generation improved when Dark Gray color is used as canvas color
  68. Fixed: LabelX does not render vertical text correctly
  69. Fixed: SuperGrid: Added filter date dialog, ByRelativeDate comboBox text entries, to the LocalizationKeys list.
  70. Fixed: Improved SlidePanel IsOpen property change animation when multiple settings are made while panel is animating its state
  71. Fixed: SuperGrid: SelectionGranularity now honored when key is pressed when no previous grid element was selected
  72. Fixed: SuperGrid: User default Cursor setting now honored.
  73. Fixed: SuperGrid: Sorting rows no longer constrains there to be a default selected item.