DotNetBar for Windows Forms Release Notes


  1. New: Office 2013 / Metro styling updated including new Backstage look and feel
  2. New: Added 220 Symbols that can be used on ButtonItem and ButtonX courtesy
  3. New: Symbol and SymbolSize properties added to ButtonItem and ButtonX to allow built-in Symbol usage as an alternative for Image. Image still can be used but setting Symbol overrides it
  4. New: SuperGrid: Added new GroupHeaderClicked and GroupHeaderDoubleClicked events.
  5. New: SuperGrid: Added new GroupHeaderClicked and GroupHeaderDoubleClicked events.
  6. New: SuperGrid: Added GridGroup.PlainText property that will return the plain displayed header text (ie. If Text is MiniMarkup based then it will return the stripped MiniMarkup text. If Text is not MiniMarkup based, then Text will be returned as is).
  7. New: AdvTree.SearchBufferAutoClearNotFound property added which indicates whether search buffer is auto-cleared regardless of the expiration timeout if node is not found using current buffer content.
  8. New: SuperGrid: Added RowActivating and CellActivating events.
  9. New: DotNetBarManager.EnableDockCtrlTabKey property added
  10. New: CalendarView: Date selection via code, in previously unselected view, now permits subsequent up/down keyboard navigation.
  11. New: CalendarView: Added WeekDayView PageUp/Down keyboard support.
  12. New: CalendarView: Added user access to multi-user scrollbars via HScrollBar and VScrollbar properties.
  13. New: SuperGrid: Performance tweaks for display rendering.
  14. New: SuperGrid: RowAdded event now fires when a new row is automatically added via the InsertRow.
  15. New: SuperGrid: RightMouse drag is now supported.
  16. New: BubbleBar new tooltip background rendering added
  17. New: SuperGrid: Added SelectionGranularity.RowWithCellHighlight to permit row level selection with individual cell highlight on mouse over.
  18. New: CheckBoxItem paints key accelerators when on Bar or Menu
  19. New: CalendarView: Owner ColorScheme now properly reflected in the associated CalendarModel.
  20. New: SuperGrid: FilterEditValueChanged is now raised for Custom filter changes.
  21. New: SuperGrid: Added GridPanel.KeepRowsSorted (Gets or sets whether grid rows are kept sorted on row deactivation following a cell's Value change) - default is 'true'.
  22. New: On Numeric Keyboard layout create decimal separator based on the current culture
  23. New: Center ButtonItem image if button has fixed size and no text or sub-items are visible
  24. New: SuperGrid: ComboBox based RenderControl is now utilized for Grouping Text when the DisplayMember is set.
  25. New: Added SwitchButton switch on/off text rendering to Metro style switch
  26. New: SuperGrid: Custom filter dialog positioning is now multi-monitor friendly.
  27. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where column drag operations were being permitted with the right mouse, which could be interrupted and left in an incomplete state by context menu processing.
  28. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a group header, mimi-markup, default font color issue.
  29. Fixed: SuperGrid: TextRow MimiMarkupTextLink Click processing was not raising the TextRowMarkupLinkClick event under certain circumstances.
  30. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a problem where grouping and ungrouping a grid could result in the associated bindings notification being detached.
  31. Fixed: BaseItem.Shortcuts.Remove method might not completely remove the shortcut
  32. Fixed: SuperGrid:KeepRowsSorted now honors non-interactive (programmatic) cell changes.
  33. Fixed: SuperGrid:KeepRowsSorted now honors non-interactive (programmatic) cell changes.
  34. Fixed: AdvTree Right arrow keyboard key in Tile view needs to be pressed two times in certain cases to select next node
  35. Fixed: SuperGrid: Added EnableGroupHeaderMarkup to GridColumn properties. This, when set to true (default is false), will enable group headers to display markup text (when data is grouped).
  36. Fixed: SuperGrid: Restored previous behavior where cell Left-MouseClick deselects all currently selected cells, prior to selecting the currently selected cell.
  37. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where the presentation of a ContextMenu during a row resize operation would cause an exception.
  38. Fixed: SuperGrid: Restored proper selection handling for right-mouse click cell operations.
  39. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a perf introduced exception presented when calling GetContentBounds.
  40. Fixed: SuperGrid: ColumnHeaderClick event was being raised for non-content header clicks - this has been corrected.
  41. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where an exception could occur when MouseMove/ToolTip processing occurs before a cell has been rendered.
  42. Fixed: LabelX with auto-size does not perform internal layout in all usage cases
  43. Fixed: SuperGrid: SetSelectedRows() was not properly invalidating its newly selected rows such that, even though they *were* selected, they were not immediately re-rendered in the current selected style.
  44. Fixed: SuperGrid: Sorting row data (via column header click, etc) will now leave the currently active grid element selected.
  45. Fixed: SuperGrid: Setting the ActiveRow now also sets the last processed item (determines future keyboard selection granularity).
  46. Fixed: SuperGrid: Setting the ActiveRow now also sets the last processed item (determines future keyboard selection granularity).
  47. Fixed: SuperGrid: Alt+F4 now processed as such.
  48. Fixed: ColorCombControl might not clear previous selection visually when SelectedColor property is set
  49. Fixed: CheckBox item in radio style and check mark displayed on bottom cuts last line off
  50. Fixed: SuperGrid: Setting a GridPanel's ShowInsertRow property to true before the GridPanel is added to SuperGrid control would cause an exception to be thrown (attempt to raise event to set default values).
  51. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where setting the check state of a row that had not yet been added to a GridPanel would cause an exception.
  52. Fixed: GroupPanel does not consider ampersands when measuring title width
  53. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where right-clicking on a selected set of cells when using a BindingSource would heavy-handedly deselect the cells and select the row.
  54. Fixed: SuperGrid: Added Group Pre and Post Detail row support.
  55. Fixed: SuperGrid: Changes made for better resource release and disposal.
  56. Fixed: Centering of ButtonItem image in vertical layout when only image is visible on the face of button
  57. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed a problem where the calculation for the first and last on screen row could result in an invalid row index.
  58. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed an issue where changing the cell value during sort operation, via user GetCellValue event, would cause an index bounds exception.
  59. Fixed: MonthCalendar DisplayMonth not updated with correct year when Year/Century selector is used to change displayed year
  60. Fixed: DateTimeInput Time selector does not preserve PM value when selected and hour value has changed
  61. Fixed: SuperGrid: Fixed multi-monitor positioning of custom filter dialog.
  62. Fixed: MetroAppForm setting MaximizeBox does not disable the Maximize system menu command
  63. Fixed: AdvTree reverted scroll bug regression
  64. Fixed: CalendarView: Fixed a 64 bit detent calculation causing the mousewheel to not scroll in the negative direction.
  65. Fixed: Empty PageSlider generates an exception if drag & drop is started within its bounds
  66. Fixed: SuperGrid: The SuperGrid was "helping" users out a little too much, when an unresolved row get expanded and resolved, causing all previous selections to be cleared.