DotNetBar for Windows Forms Release Notes


  1. New: StepIndicator a very simple indication control added, used by PageSlider as well
  2. New: Touch Keyboard Control added with multi-touch support
  3. New: TimeSelector control and TimeSelectorItem added for visual time selection
  4. New: PageSlider control added an multi-touch enabled page sliding control
  5. New: IMPORTANT: Schedule control moved to its own assembly: DevComponents.DotNetBar.Schedule.dll. If you are using CalendarView you must add reference to this assembly in your project and distribute it with yours apps
  6. New: DateTimeInput control now has support for drop-down time selector. DateTimeSelectorVisibility property added to control the visibility of date and time selectors on popup
  7. New: AdvPropertyGrid.SuperTooltip property added to access internal SuperTooltip component
  8. New: AdvPropertyGrid.GetPropertyNode method added to lookup PropertyNode by property name
  9. New: DateTimeInput.InputMouseWheelEnabled property added to control whether mouse wheel affects the input value
  10. New: RibbonBarMergeContainer.RibbonTabKeyTips property added to allow KeyTips specification for new ribbon tabs
  11. New: Added changes to all the DNB created cell types so that they would render with the correct selected background when used in a DataGridView control instead of a DataGridViewX control.
  12. New: MetroTileItem.ImageIndent property added to specify image indent.
  13. New: AdvTree Added cache for Font.Height used during layout pass since some fonts are very slow returning Height
  14. New: Improved the layout position for Anchored Right/Bottom controls hosted inside GroupPanel
  15. New: Improved NodeClick event firing when node is being scrolled into the view
  16. New: DataGridViewX color-scheme fit with Metro theme improved
  17. New: AutoHidePanel.FixedSize property added to enable setting fixed size for tab height or width depending on panel orientation
  18. New: TextBoxX added support for Shortcut being set on Custom Buttons
  19. New: SideBar control Mouse Wheel support added
  20. New: SuperTabControl: Changed the TabMoved EventArgs to contain both the old and new order of tabs resulting from the user tab reorder operation. The operation can be cancelled, or accepted as is, or the NewOrder array can be modified to reflect the desired ordering. Care must be taken if reordering is done, as no validation (duplicate entries, etc) is performed before accepting the altered ordering.
  21. New: DateNavigator: Added Localizable properties for each of the start and end date labels used in the DateNavigator. Also added GetDateLabel event so the user could completely define the DateLabel to be anything they like (taking into account the current CalendarView state - or not).
  22. New: Added better sizing to content of MetroAppForm modal-panels shown when form is maximized
  23. New: ComboTree.UseHook property added
  24. New: Auto sizing for the buttons on TaskDialog added
  25. New: CalendarView: Added new 'MonthMoreItemsIndicatorClick' event. This will enable users to intercept and either accept, modify (set new start time and/or selected View), cancel, or override the default MoreItems click processing.
  26. New: AdvTree ColumnHeader.Tooltip property added to specify custom tooltip for the top-level column header
  27. New: AdvTree Cell.Tooltip property added to specify custom tooltip for the cell
  28. New: CalendarView: Added support for TimeLineView.SelectedAppointments (single and multi-owner).
  29. New: MetroAppForm.ModalPanelBoundsExcludeStatusBar property added to allow MetroStatusBar to be visible when modal panel is displayed.
  30. New: CalendarView: Added support for CalendarModel.DisplayName and CalendarColor when setting CalendarModel after DisplayedOwners have been established.
  31. New: Added Metro styling to Custom Color Picker Dialog
  32. New: CalendarView: Added CalendarView.MinimumTimeSlotHeight property to control the minimum allowable height of the WeekDay View time slots.
  33. New: Added Snap-to-edge of screen support to MetroAppForm
  34. New: Added disabled support to MetroTileItem
  35. New: ButtonX.TextColor property added to explicitly set button text color.
  36. Fixed: DataGridViewX: Offset rendering tweak for DataGridViewLabelX rendering
  37. Fixed: DataGridViewComboBoxEx: Fixed a problem where re-setting the DataSource on a ComboBoxEx column would not properly use the new information due to the use of the cached CurrencyManager.
  38. Fixed: Updated Metro menu item expanded text color
  39. Fixed: AdvTree Page up/down when no node is fully visible is not working
  40. Fixed: ButtonX now checks CanSelect before focusing control
  41. Fixed: Simple popup menu from MetroShell app button might display menu on different monitor when app is maximized on secondary monitors
  42. Fixed: Office2007Form sizing updated
  43. Fixed: Office2007RibbonForm adjustment for anchored controls
  44. Fixed: DataGridViewComboBoxEx: ComboBoxEx in DropDown mode now correctly accepts free text input items (items not in the databound dropdown list).
  45. Fixed: DataGridViewComboBoxEx: Added validation for free text entry input.
  46. Fixed: MetroStatusBar under certain cases might cut 1 pixel from bottom of the letters
  47. Fixed: Text-Markup span tag with Padding set might not correctly align text inside it according to the padding set
  48. Fixed: Double-clicking system icon on MetroShell does not close MetroAppForm
  49. Fixed: CalendarView: Fixed a problem where setting a given DaySlotAppearance would cause a WorkTime exception.
  50. Fixed: SuperTabControl: Slight pixel tweak on tab border
  51. Fixed: Improved position of the SlidePanel slide-out-button when used on MetroAppForm directly and form is Maximized
  52. Fixed: Office2007Form title bar does not update at timely manner when form is used as MDI form and MDI Child form is maximized
  53. Fixed: Added support to SlidePanel to be used as normal panel control on the form
  54. Fixed: Improved DateTimeInput popup calendar background color adherence to Metro style
  55. Fixed: DataGridViewCheckBoxXCell: Permitted 'Y' and 'N' values to be processed correctly even when CheckBoxX.ThreeState is set to false.
  56. Fixed: Fixed layout issue with AdvTree StretchToFill column when only single column is visible
  57. Fixed: Fixed an issue with MetroAppForm not rendering correctly when Windows Glass is disabled
  58. Fixed: TabControl in some styles might select first tab if it is out of the view when last tab is selected