DotNetBar for Windows Forms Release Notes


  1. New: SlidePanel control added which is sliding panel control used in Metro UI
  2. New: MetroToolbar control added which is Metro UI expandable toolbar control
  3. New: MetroShell control added as Metro UI top-level control
  4. New: MetroForm form added which represents Metro UI Dialog form
  5. New: MetroAppForm form added which represents Metro UI application form
  6. New: Bar.DockTabStripHeight property added to specify the height of the dock tab strip
  7. New: IntegerInput.MouseWheelValueChangeEnabled property added to control whether mouse wheel change the input value
  8. New: DoubleInput.MouseWheelValueChangeEnabled property added to control whether mouse wheel change the input value
  9. New: SuperValidator added support for required validation for ComboTree control
  10. New: TreeGX NodeCellRendererEventArgs.CellTextBounds property added to provide exact text bounds for custom rendering
  11. New: AdvPropertyGrid.PropertiesLoaded event added which occurs after properties have been loaded into the grid
  12. New: DataGridViewX: Added support for the presentation of the cell error icon.
  13. New: AdvPropertyGrid added support for UITypeEditor.GetEditStyle method returning None
  14. New: CircularProgressItem.AnimationSpeed property added to control speed of continuously running progress bar
  15. New: Bar.CaptionHeight property added to specify the docked bar caption height
  16. New: MicroChartItem.DataMaxValue and DataMinValue properties added to control chart value display range
  17. New: TabControl Ctrl+Tab tab navigation added
  18. New: AdvPropertyGrid.ValidatePropertyValue event added to enable property value validation
  19. New: Added MarkupSettings.ResolveImage static event which is invoked each time image in markup is used and it can be used to provide custom images for display in markup
  20. New: SuperTabControl: Added support for Tab animated images. The animation of the image can be controlled via tab.EnableImageAnimation.
  21. New: CalendarView: Added the ability for the user to control border appointment widths via CalendarView.AppointmentBorderWidth and AppointmentView.BorderWidth properties.
  22. New: CalendarModel.FindOverlappingAppointments method added to return array of appointments that overlap parameter appointment
  23. New: CalendarModel.ContainsOverlappingAppointments method add to check whether model contains overlapping appointments for parameter appointment
  24. New: Added PageNavigatorClick event to the CalendarView control. This will permit the user to intercept the click event on each of the TimeLineView PageNavigator control buttons, and cancel the operation, set a different navigation time, or let the event proceed as normal.
  25. New: Added TimeLinePageNavigatorTooltip properties to the CalendarView control. This will permit the user to set their own application defined tooltips for each of the TimeLineView PageNavigator buttons.
  26. New: Added mnemonic support to CheckBoxX control
  27. New: CalendarView: Users can now render MultiUser tabs for any / all views. This can be done by handling the newly added RenderTabContent and / or RenderTabBackground events.
  28. New: CalendarView: Added TimeLine view Horizontal tab support. This is accomplished via the new CalendarView.TimeLineMultiUserTabOrientation and CalendarView.TimeLineMultiUserTabWidth properties.
  29. New: TextBoxX.PerformButtonCustom2Click method added
  30. New: TextBoxX.PerformButtonCustomClick method added
  31. New: Schedule Control: Added CalendarView.TimeLineShowIntervalHeader property to control visibility of the TimeLineView's interval header.
  32. New: Schedule Control: Added better support for "end of day" appointment display
  33. Fixed: DataGridViewLabelX: Initial display of LabelX Markup cell was not initially rendered correctly.
  34. Fixed: KnobControl: OnMouseMove/Up/Down events are now forwarded appropriately.
  35. Fixed: CalendarView: GetViewAreFromPoint would not return eViewArea.InTab correctly for Horizontal TimeLineView tabs.
  36. Fixed: DataGridViewX cells now honor CellBorderStyle=None
  37. Fixed: DataGridViewCheckBoxX: Changed to better handle non-ThreeState value setting when cell value is non-boolean
  38. Fixed: Overflow RibbonBar that was collapsed and had changed size before collapsing keeps old size on overflow popup
  39. Fixed: TreeGX NodeCellRendererEventArgs.CellBounds is empty.
  40. Fixed: TabControl Office2007Document style with multi-line tab layout close button on tabs positioned inconsistently on lower tab lines
  41. Fixed: ListViewEx will draw prefix (ampersand) in column header and items text
  42. Fixed: RibbonControl.Office2007ColorTable property marked obsolete since it has been replaced with StyleManager
  43. Fixed: CalendarModel: FindOverlappingAppointments() now returns the complete list of overlapping appointments
  44. Fixed: ItemControl does not pass its Office2007ColorTable.LegacyColor color scheme onto the popup menu
  45. Fixed: DataGridViewLabelX: Last row label value would not show correctly if AllowUsersToAddRows was set to false.
  46. Fixed: SuperTabControl: Fixed a VS2010 design environment bug introduced with the support of animated tab images. Due to the ordering of VS2010 designer events, it was possible to have a previously created form, containing an STC with tab set images, that would not load properly.
  47. Fixed: DataGridViewLabelX: Label autosizing would not set the label height correctly when the label Text
  48. Fixed: LabelX setting ForeColor to Color.Empty or SystemColors.ControlText does not reset the label text color to color scheme defaults
  49. Fixed: DataGridViewLabelX: In response to a MouseMove event, when RowHeadersVisible = false, the DataGridViewLabelX would throw an exception when trying to reference the current cell Value.
  50. Fixed: DataGridViewX: Selected cells of disabled DataGridViewX no longer render as selected.
  51. Fixed: DataGridViewX: Fixed a just introduced crashing problem with DataGridViewLabelXCell alignment positioning.
  52. Fixed: DataGridViewX: TextBoxCells now treat '&' as character only.
  53. Fixed: CalendarView: Appointment text display now treats '&' as character only.
  54. Fixed: DataGridViewLabelX: Fixed a few more issues dealing with label word wrapping (image, minimarkup, etc).
  55. Fixed: GaugeControl: Fixed a problem where pointer display values would not be updated correctly if dampening was attempted before the form containing the gaugeControl was shown.
  56. Fixed: TabStrip tab-close button close the tab if any mouse button is used. It should react only to Mouse Left button.
  57. Fixed: DataGridViewLabelX: Now honors LabelX/CellStyle/DefaultCellStyle WordWrap settings.
  58. Fixed: PanelEx when showing both vertical and horizontal scrollbars might paint lower right corner black
  59. Fixed: GaugeControl: Fixed a potential timing problem when simultaneously updating multiple Pointer dampening values.
  60. Fixed: TaskDialog does not center on parent when owner is set
  61. Fixed: Auto-Hide Panel for dockable windows might generate an exception when style for bar is set to Windows 7
  62. Fixed: CalendarView: Fixed a problem where setting a given DaySlotAppearance would cause a WorkTime exception.
  63. Fixed: CircularProgressItem does not stop the background process when item is disposed resulting in memory leak
  64. Fixed: AdvTree hiding the column does not hide HostedControl in a column when column is hidden and node is collapsed and expanded
  65. Fixed: Dragging the control from the form onto the AdvTree does not add control to the tree
  66. Fixed: AdvPropertyGrid does not release read-only style on property nodes that are read-only
  67. Fixed: Document bars that are torn off do not return to source document when floating dock window is double clicked
  68. Fixed: AdvPropertyGrid will handle exceptions thrown by TypeEditor.EditValue method
  69. Fixed: DataGridViewComboBoxExCell: Fixed an issue where the combobox would not display the set DisplayMember when the combobox was bound to a custom object.
  70. Fixed: AdvTree text search when typing is not skipping the non-selectable nodes
  71. Fixed: DataGridViewCheckBoxXColumn.ReadOnly not honored
  72. Fixed: Fixed a DataGridViewComboBoxExColumn issue where an exception would occur when attempting to bind to a non-DataRowView binding source and concurrently set the ComboBox ValueMember.
  73. Fixed: Fixed a DataGridViewComboBoxExColumn issue where an exception would occur when attempting to bind to a non-DataRowView binding source and concurrently set the ComboBox ValueMember.
  74. Fixed: CalendarView monthly skipped recurrence might not be used depending on appointment end time
  75. Fixed: AdvPropertyGrid properties decorated with PropertyMultiChoiceEditor in multi-select mode do not change check-boxes in property grid if property value changes from code
  76. Fixed: NavigationPane clicking the collapsed pane should toggle the popup visibility instead of re-showing it
  77. Fixed: CalendarView: Fixed an issue where changing views followed by an immediate MouseDown with out a prior MouseMove, would potentially result in an exception being generated.
  78. Fixed: PropertyGrid custom editors not loaded when sorting switched to Alphabetical
  79. Fixed: DataGridViewTextBoxDropDownColumn now honors WrapMode = True
  80. Fixed: ButtonItem.BeginGroup separator not rendered on menus when new VS2010 theme is used
  81. Fixed: ApplicationMenu BackstageTab height is incorrect, too tall
  82. Fixed: ApplicationMenu does not add BackstageTab as its logical child which breaks binding by element name
  83. Fixed: Changed how first appointment of weekly recurring appointment that spans multiple days is generated
  84. Fixed: AdvTree will set SourceControl to the tree control on context menu assigned to its nodes
  85. Fixed: DataGridViewX workaround added for .NET Framework Bug Microsoft Article ID: 949458
  86. Fixed: MicroChart with transition animation disabled might not update chart when new data is assigned
  87. Fixed: Bug in VS.NET 2010 designer might cause the TabControl with tabs aligned other than Top not to update the tabstrip position
  88. Fixed: SuperTabControl: Fixed an issue where setting the TabItem CloseButtonVisible property to false would still permit the user to incorrectly close the tab.